Standing up for Bedfordshire

Earlier this week, I spoke at the Policing 2012 conference in central London. Those present at the conference included Policing Minister Nick Herbert, who had addressed the conference earlier.

The event gave me the opportunity to raise my concerns about the threat to Bedfordshire’s police helicopter with a number of key influencers and decision-makers who were present during the day. I will next be writing to the Head of the National Police Air Service, to ensure that these concerns – about the cost and quality of the service to be provided to Bedfordshire – are fully recognised and acted upon.

There was one disappointment during the day. I was originally scheduled to debate with Baron (John) Prescott. However, at short notice Baron Prescott was unable to attend, and was replaced on the panel by Alun Michael, the MP for Cardiff South and Penarth. Some changes to the prepared elements of my speech were necessary – not least, robbing me of one particular joke with (I thought) an especially good punchline.

Maybe I’ll be able to use it on another occasion.

UPDATE: Have just seen that this week’s Police Professional (the police profession’s weekly magazine) have today published a short article on my campaign re the helicopter – see below.  (Note that I’m seeking the Conservative nomination as candidate, not – as the article suggests – the Conservative candidate).


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