PCCs to propose international “twin force” arrangements

Proposals are being drafted for Police and Crime Commissioners to agree twinning arrangements between forces worldwide. The arrangements will mirror “twin town” pairings adopted by many internationally. It’s hoped that the initiative will further promote cultural and commercial ties, as well as improve understanding and detection of any criminal associations that may exist between the pairings.

The work to date has been undertaken by Prof L Olia of the University of Bunkum in Azkaban (itself already twinned with Cannabis Island), who is seeking views on which pairings would work well. Your suggestions are welcomed!

UPDATE [1st April 2013, 12.11pm]: Not sure whether this is a serious story? Please check when it was written!



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2 responses to “PCCs to propose international “twin force” arrangements

  1. Brenda G

    This scheme will, of course, offer the opportunity for frequent goodwill visits between participants. I expect that these will be particularly popular in the winter months. PCCs would need to be accompanied not only by their staff but also by members of their PCP who will wish to ensure that proper governance arrangements are firmly in place.

  2. benjamyn d

    Possible pairings:

    Yorkshire police with any Moroccan force (the Moors)
    Cambridgeshire with Venice (the bridges)
    Newcastle UK with Newcastle Australia (town with black and white football kit, town with black everywhere from the coal mines)
    Avon with the Gobi desert police (we have water, the Gobi doesn’t)
    Lincolnshire with the US (Lincoln connection)
    Cumbria with Serbia ?
    Met with Russia (everyone russian about the place)

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