Representative recruitment?

Prompted by a question by Alan Travis, the Guardian Home Affairs Editor, on Twitter, I thought I’d look at published Police and Crime Plans for mentions of recruitment, and how that might reflect local demography.

Plans not yet available (i.e. not found on PCC website): 7 Plans
No mentions of recruit, recruiting or recruitment: 17 Plans
Plans mentioning recruit, recruiting or recruitment, but no links to nature of local community: 11 Plans
Plans mentioning recruit (and variations), AND linking to local community: 6 Plans

Some of these final six link their recruitment statement to PCSOs, Specials or Cadets rather than police officers. Here are samples of the statements made:

  • “The Constabulary has recruited multilingual PCSOs and strives to ensure recruitment reflects the demography of the county’s communities”
  • “As well as my own equality duties, as Police and Crime Commissioner I will also monitor equality and diversity matters within [the] Constabulary, both for staff (e.g. recruitment, employment monitoring, Human Rights etc.) and in respect of policing services for the community”
  • “A refreshed recruitment policy to attract the best people from diverse backgrounds who understand our area, are committed to our communities and will help us shape and deliver ‘the most responsive service in England'”
  • “Twenty five percent of the cadets recruited will come from challenging backgrounds and/or BME communities”
  • “There is a strong emphasis on working towards a police service that not only recruits police officers and police staff from the different communities within [the force] but also equips them to meet the needs of communities in the future”
  • “Improve the recruitment, retention and progression of for BME and other officers and staff to reflect the local community”
  • “Increasingly representative of black and ethnic minorities (BME) through recruitment”

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