What worries PCCs?

As I go about preparing this month’s CoPaCC Report, I see a great deal of material that – I believe – helps me understand what’s on PCCs’ minds. Perhaps the most powerful of these are the risk registers (and related materials) that PCCs and their staff put together. Here are three PCCs’ lists of their key risks: two are “screen shots” of the relevant material, whilst the third is my verbatim extract (the original document doesn’t lend itself to a screen shot).

Risks - PCC 1


Risks - PCC 2


Third PCC (register as at 1st March):
1. Failure to produce a coherent first short and medium term Police and Crime Plan linked to resources and with widespread support from key stakeholders.
2. Failure to deliver key manifesto promises now enshrined in the Police and Crime Plan.
3. Failure to deliver all the key promises of the Police and Crime Plan.
4. Failure to put in place adequate processes to effectively hold the Chief Constable and the Force to account for performance and use of resources as per statutory requirements.
5. Failure to effectively commission services and work with partners generally to deliver the Commissioner’s key objectives and priorities.
6. Failure by the PCC to ensure effective financial control and financial planning processes for the ‘group account’ of the Chief Constable and Office of the Commissioner combined.
7. Failure to put in place a fit for purpose longer term structure with the right capacity to support the PCC, deliver the PCC’s priorities and ensure a motivated and appropriately skilled office of the PCC.
8. Failure to manage the combined impact of CSR2 (reduction in central funding) and other national changes to police pay and conditions eg Winsor review and changes to pensions.
9. Failure to plan for and execute the Stage two transfer of staff effectively.

I’ll be putting a full analysis of all PCCs’ published risks and mitigations in to a future CoPaCC Report. If you’re interested in more detail, do please subscribe.


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