An informative and enjoyable morning at West Midlands PCC’s Open Day…

The West Midlands PCC, Bob Jones, organised an Open Day today at the OPCC’s offices in Birmingham. I thought I’d take a trip up the motorway from Biggleswade (my home town) and take a look. I’m glad I did – a couple of hours that proved informative and engaging. Here’s a few photo highlights…

West Mids Cars

The main entrance to the venue – three police vehicles spanning the years.

West Mids front desk

A busy West Midlands Police HQ front desk with people waiting to go up to the PCC’s offices.

West Mids mascots

Mascots! 😀

West Mids Streetwise

A great game from the Community Safety Team in Dudley – used to engage with young teenagers. More info via

West Mids HMP Hewell

One of the backdrops to the many stalls. A fascinating discussion here with the team about restorative justice, SORI and the leading role of the team at HMP Hewell – more info via

West Mids tins

An example of lateral thinking from Walsall Community Safety Partnership. Traditional “can safes” are of (eg) Tomato soup tins. But the Asian community, concerned about gold theft, commented that these didn’t fit in within a typical Asian grocery cupboard. So Walsall CSP promoted the development of alternative “can safes” – green beans, canned tomatoes and more! Further info via

I’m glad I made the trip – maybe there’ll soon be more PCCs’ Open Days for me to visit…


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