What happens if a PCC resigns?

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 deals with “Resignation of commissioner” as follows – blink and you might miss it…

PRSR 2011 - resignation of PCC

The Police and Crime Panel must appoint an Acting PCC (extract below)…

PRSR 2011 - appointment of Acting PCC

First in line to take on the role of “Acting PCC” is the Deputy PCC (if there is one). Given today’s events in South Yorkshire, it’s worth noting that their Deputy PCC is Tracey Cheetham…

South Yorkshire Deputy PCC - Tracey Cheetham



If the Deputy PCC was not prepared (or able) to accept the role, the Panel would then have to find a suitable Acting PCC from amongst the OPCC (Office of the PCC) staff.

A by-election must be called as follows…

PRSR 2011 - election to fill PCC vacancy


UPDATE [Wednesday 27th August, 4.10pm]: I thought I’d take a look at who might be appointed Acting PCC in South Yorkshire if the PCC resigned and the Deputy hadn’t been available. You’d expect it to be the most senior member of the OPCC – the Chief Executive (though that creates another set of difficulties for another blog). But – despite this information being required by law – I couldn’t find the name of the South Yorkshire OPCC Chief Executive on the South Yorkshire PCC website. There’s details of a recruitment campaign for a new Chief Executive in October 2013, but (again, required by law) I can find no information on the appointment listed in the PCC’s decisions. The Police and Crime Panel website‘s also no help.

UPDATE [Wednesday 27th August, 5.45pm]: Incidentally, legislation on “election to fill vacancy in office of commissioner” specifies “the date fixed must be not more than 35 days after the relevant event”. If the South Yorkshire PCC were to resign tomorrow (Thursday, 28th August), that suggests that the South Yorkshire PCC by-election would be no later than Thursday 2nd October, with campaigning taking place throughout Party Conference season.


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