An invitation to CoPaCC from the Committee on Standards in Public Life

I was very pleased last night to receive an email and attached letter from the Committee on Standards in Public Life. The Committee this week announced a detailed inquiry into policing governance. Here are two extracts from the Committee’s letter to CoPaCC…

CSPL letter 1

CSPL letter 2

The letter – and, in particular, the last paragraph – is, I will freely admit, the source of some considerable personal and professional satisfaction. It is, I feel, a very significant acknowledgement and recognition of CoPaCC’s work and positive contribution to policing governance over the last eighteen months or so. That such a significant public body as the Committee on Standards in Public Life can expressly seek out CoPaCC’s insights feels like a commendation of the very considerable work we have undertaken to date.

My thanks and congratulations to all in the extended CoPaCC team who have worked so hard, with me, to get CoPaCC up-and-running. My thanks also to the Committee for this invitation.

CoPaCC will, of course, provide an independent, objective and evidence-based submission in response.



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2 responses to “An invitation to CoPaCC from the Committee on Standards in Public Life

  1. John Kenny

    Just had an email from Julia Harries of Boris Johnson’s Office for ‘Policing and Crime’ thanking me for my “very helpful and constructive suggestions” which are now under consideration. If they are ever adopted then somebody at the Met surely has questions to answer. Too many annual police reports are padded with self – congratulatory waffle and photos of beaming bosses and require readers to thumb back through previous reports to see what progress, if any, is being made. Published performance league tables would concentrate wonderfully the minds of all concerned on enhancing standards and help to identify glaring anomalies. Why do Essex officers for example average 12 days per annum sick leave compared with Norfolk’s 6 days? Why do we have to use the Freedom of Information Act to elicit these important facts. Good luck Bernard in your efforts, John K Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 07:42:43 +0000 To:

  2. Derek Walker

    Well done Bernard

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