Hi! I’m Bernard Rix, and this is my blog. I’ll be focusing primarily on matters relating to policing, though will occasionally stray onto other matters close to my heart.

Since 1990, I have worked as a police advisor across the United Kingdom, wider Europe and the Middle East on a very wide range of policing and criminal justice assignments. This work has – amongst other benefits – improved police investigation of burglary, cut court delays, given victims a better service, helped community relations, and enhanced police officer safety. I was also the lead author of the Policy Exchange document, “Policing in 2020” [pdf here]. A slightly fuller CV is below.

I live in Biggleswade (Bedfordshire), with Debbie and our daughter Georgia. Though my work can take me far and wide, I try to play my part in the local community – for example, as a school governor, or through writing the occasional “Bemused of Biggleswade” letter to the local paper.

I can speak a little French, German and Arabic – but I plan to stick to English within this blog.

And in a little more detail, my professional background…

I have over 20 years of consulting experience, with an emphasis on public sector, particularly in the police and criminal justice arena. I have worked with every police force in the British Isles, as well as with all the major police and criminal justice agencies. My particular experience is in organisational improvement and development – with a focus on public sector, most especially policing and criminal justice. Over the last twenty years, I have worked across Europe and the Middle East on assignments that:
1. Identify and deliver specific business benefit, including: the development and introduction of ICT to support significant improvements to judicial process; improvements to a national policing organisation’s senior police management
structure and processes; ‘value for money’ changes to the delivery of police firearms training in a major police force; major review of roles and responsibilities of An Garda Siochana.
2. Require complex stakeholder management. These have included the preparation of guidance on police performance management; the reduction of delay in criminal justice process (‘Narey’); support to the Patten Inquiry in Northern Ireland; and extensive work for Abu Dhabi Police (my team was shortlisted for the International prize in the MCA Awards 2010)
3. Necessitate sensitive handling, with potentially high levels of press and public interest. These have included work for the Police Federation on their response to Sheehy; advice to a European government on roles and responsibilities of its national police force; on improvements to police safety; and the examination of police vehicle collisions resulting in death or serious injury.
In addition to English (mother tongue), I can speak basic French, German and Arabic.

Some of my assignments (there are more!):

Two UK Police Forces – advice on the use of mobile technology in improving policing efficiency, effectiveness and engagement.
Home Office – advice on the establishment of the Police ICT Company (“NewCo”).
UK Police Force – identification of improvements to the force’s volume crime process and development of a related business plan for submission to the Police Authority.
UK Police Force – advice on changes to the operating model for territorial policing.
Private sector client – advice on client engagement and policing strategy aspects of a bid to provide services to UK policing.
UK Police Force – advice on senior management structure and arrangements
UK Police Force – advice on improving the force’s approach to senior management meetings
NPIA – a Workforce Modernisation assignment, leading work to produce software for use by police managers in managing a mix of warranted police officers, directly employed police staff, agency staff and 3rd party providers.
UK Police Force – a review of the organisation of police firearms training.
Home Office Police and Crime Standards Directorate (PCSD) – review and revision of guidance on Police Performance Management
Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit – support to a team conducting a Priority Review of Citizen Focused Policing.
PITO – work on the introduction of NSPIS Custody and Case Preparation systems.
Government of the Irish Republic – a performance management related assignment of An Garda Síochána, the Irish national police force, which also included a review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the force.
Home Office – a project identifying good practice in police force strategic responses to the criminal use of firearms.
Home Office and the ACPO Traffic Committee – a project examining police vehicle accidents resulting in fatality or serious injury. The review covered all 43 forces in England and Wales.
Scottish Police College – conducting training needs analyses for sergeants and inspectors.
ACPO / Home Office – providing the day-to-day management of the ACPO/Home Office research survey on factors affecting motivation of uniformed constables and sergeants.
Police Federation of England and Wales – a detailed study into police responsibilities and rewards, published as part of the Federation’s submission to the Sheehy Inquiry. This work continued with assistance preparing the
Police Federation’s response to the published findings of the Inquiry.
Home Office – conducting a study into effective shift systems for the Police Service. Cost and performance data from 24 forces was analysed and interviews held with serving officers from 15 forces.
Home Office – an evaluation of an 18 month trial of part-time working and job sharing in the Police Service.
Home Office and ACPO SubCommittee on Self Defence, Arrest and Restraint – managed a project reviewing the relative merits of the expandable side-handled baton as an alternative to the traditional truncheon.
Home Office – managed a study into the distribution of stolen electrical goods.
Home Office (acting on behalf of a range of criminal justice agencies) – a project to evaluate initiatives designed to reduce delay in the criminal justice system (the “Narey” initiatives).
Home Office – I undertook a study of good practice in pre-retirement training for police officers. The project involved research in six forces.
Home Office and ACPO subcommittee on Self Defence, Arrest and Restraint – managed the evaluation of the CS incapacitant. The review covered 16 forces in England and Wales.
National Police Training – I designed a curriculum development course.
A major criminal justice body – I undertook a confidential assignment for the Chief Executive, relating to good practice on governance and portfolio management.
Patten Commission in Northern Ireland – worked as part of the team of a specialist equal opportunities firm to examine issues of equality within the then RUC.
Consortium of forces – I worked on an evaluation of alternative incapacitant sprays.
For a private supplier to police, I undertook an evaluation of the supplier’s product delivery, involving work within force Traffic and Domestic Violence Units.
Home Office – worked as part of a team in examining the potential for a Confiscation Agency to take responsibility for confiscations of criminal assets as well as civil forfeiture.
Youth Justice Board – provided support to the development of local Youth Inclusion Programmes.
Home Office – undertook a review of the use of shoemarks as intelligence and evidence.
Home Office – undertook a review of literature on thefts of and from vehicles.
Home Office – a study of the National Criminal Intelligence Service’s (NCIS) vehicle crime prevention work.
Home Office – a review of a force’s intelligence software system.
A Gulf police force – I provided wide-ranging advice over two years on strategic planning, performance improvement and programme management.


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