Can You Text in Prison

Can You Text in Prison?

Texting is part of our everyday life in the free world. It’s become so common that it’s almost weird to get a phone call. Much less a voicemail.  But how does it work when you are arrested and sentenced to some time behind bars? Do inmates have cell phones? Can you text in prison? In […]

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Can You Dye Your Hair in Prison

Can You Dye Your Hair in Prison?

One thing I took for granted before going to prison was haircare and beauty products. I had always lived in a world where I could buy any kind of shampoo or conditioner I wanted to. I could also buy gel, pomade, and hairspray whenever I wanted, as well as any kind of ponytail holder, clip, […]

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can you go to prison for a misdemeanor

Can you go to Prison for a Misdemeanor?

The words commonly used in the criminal justice system tend to get conflated from time to time. We often refer to people as “criminals” when they are convicted of a crime. But, there is a big difference between crimes classified as felonies and those classified as misdemeanors.  Many people also tend to use the words […]

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Where is Sing Sing Prison

Where is Sing Sing Prison?

America has five percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of the world’s prison population incarcerated. The correctional industry has made some people a lot of money. There are famous prisons that have become part of popular culture. From Alcatraz to the Ohio State Reformatory, you can even tour these famous prisons and buy […]

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Why Did FPSRussia go to Prison

Why Did FPSRussia go to Prison?

Whenever a celebrity gets caught up in the criminal justice system, it always seems to garner a lot of attention. When they end up going to prison, their case becomes even more intriguing. It can also be an opportunity to shine a light on how America’s never ending amount of laws can so easily put […]

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Where is the prison from The Shawshank Redemption

Where is the Prison from The Shawshank Redemption?

I have a confession to make. I’m a pop culture nerd. In fact, I love movies and TV so much that I write about them for a living when I’m not writing content for Prison Insight.  For this week’s blog post, I thought it would be fun to mix together my love of movies with […]

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How to write a letter to help get someone out of prison

How to Write a Letter to Help Get Someone Out of Prison

When an inmate has a chance for parole, it’s a really big deal. Honestly, it’s all you think about. At least it was for me. When I was sentenced to thirty years in prison (two fifteen-year sentences, running concurrently), I had the chance to get paroled after a serving fifteen percent of my sentence, or […]

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Can You Keep a Baby in Prison

Can You Keep a Baby in Prison?

The number of women in prison has risen dramatically in recent years, and it’s happening all over the world. Since 1980, the number of women incarcerated in the United States has increased by more than 700 percent. In the past decade alone, the number of women jailed has increased by more than 100,000.  New data […]

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Can You Claim Benefits in Prison

Can You Claim Benefits in Prison?

When advocating for criminal justice and prison reform, I often hear people claim that prison inmates are living the good life. For some reason, there are people who believe that prison inmates have got it good because they get three meals a day and a place to sleep at night.  I also hear people talk […]

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Can Prison Inmates Get Stimulus Checks

Can Prison Inmates Get Stimulus Checks?

When President Trump signed the CARES Act last spring, part of the legislation featured $1,200 stimulus payments to citizens who make less than $75,000 per year. As we all know, a second round of checks for $600 was included in the most recent stimulus bill. And, it looks like President Biden will be signing more […]

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