Colbert County Jail

The Colbert County Jail is located in Tuscumbia, Alabama. This facility is operated by the Colbert County Sheriff's Department and holds male inmates who have been arrested by local county or municipal law enforcement. 

This facility also houses male inmates who are waiting for their cases to be adjudicated by the court, and those who have been sentenced to the county jail. The Colbert County Jail also houses male inmates who are waiting to be transferred to their assigned Alabama Department of Corrections facility.

The Colbert County Jail houses their female inmates at the Tuscumbia P.D. Jail. You can contact that facility by calling 256-383-3121.


You can bond someone out of the Colbert County Jail in one of the following ways:

  • Cash Bond- (ONLY MONDAY - FRIDAY  8am - 4pm)

Go to the jail and ask for a CASH BOND to be prepared. Take the signed cash bond (and a $35 money order for the court fee) to the clerk's office, on the 2nd floor of the courthouse. Then bring a copy of the receipt they give you to the jail and your bonding process will be complete. 

  • Property Bond

If you have a property assessment printout from the Revenue Commissioners office, bring the property assessment printout to the jail for review.  Property must be valued at least as much as the total amount of the bond or greater. 

More than one piece of property can be used to make a bond. All people listed as owners on the property assessment must be present to sign the bond. There is a $35 money order required for the bond fee on ALL bonds.

  • Bail Bondsman

The bonding company must be licensed in Colbert County. Most bail bondsmen require 10% of the bond amount as their fee. You will also need to bring the $35 money order required to the bondsman. 

It should be made payable to the Colbert County Circuit Clerk, and must be paid at the clerk's office on the 2nd floor of the Colbert County CourtHouse within three working days of the date of the bond.

Bonding agencies licensed in Colbert County are:

  • Northwest Alabama Bail Bonding (256-483-2354)
  • Pinnacle Group LLC (256-320-5148)
  • Stonecipher Bail Bonding Co. (256-381-1575)
  • Tri-Cities Bonding Inc. (256-386-0609)

For questions concerning bonds, call the Jail at 256-386-8551.

Pandemic Restrictions

Due to the pandemic, there are restrictions that prevent the staff at the Colbert County Jail from letting unauthorized people into the jail facility.  

As of August 2021, the Colbert County Jail is not allowing in-person visitation or dropping off of the 72 hr clothing bag for inmates.  The jail does have a temporary method of allowing inmates to receive clothing packages by MAIL ONLY after they are arrested.

Each inmate who is booked into the Colbert County Jail is allowed to file a request for clothing with the jail staff. Once this request is approved, the inmate will call or write a letter to a family member or friend to request a clothing package.  This package can ONLY be mailed. It can not be dropped off at the jail.  

Do NOT send the package until you know the inmate has gotten the request approved.  Packages that have not been approved will be returned. The package can only contain the following items (new in original packaging, unopened):

  • 3 pair of white socks
  • 3 pair of white underwear
  • 3 white t-shirts
  • 3 white towels
  • 3 white wash clothes

All other items must be ordered from the commissary. 

After the COVID restrictions are lifted, the rules will return to normal, as listed below.

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Colbert County Jail

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Visitation hours at the Colbert County Jail are on Sundays from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Inmates are allowed 15 minute visits. If an inmate or entire inmate section is locked down, inmate visitation may be denied. 

The booking process can take a while, so new inmates being booked into the jail will not be allowed visitation until the booking process is completed and the inmate is placed in his or her cell.

Physical Address

Colbert County Jail
107 W. 4th Street
Tuscumbia, AL 35674

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number


Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Colbert County Jail
℅ Inmate name
107 W. 4th Street
Tuscumbia, AL 35674

Inmate mail must include the sender's name and return address.  Any inmate mail received without the sender's information may be destroyed.  Also, they do not forward inmate mail to other facilities should they receive something after being transferred. 

Inmate Mail Rejection

Mail will be rejected if staff determines it to be detrimental to security, order, or the health and well-being of the inmate. Mail will be rejected if any of the rules below are violated:

  • DO NOT send third party letters: inmates may not forward letters to other inmates confined at this facility or other penal institutions
  • DO NOT send personal checks or cash or money orders through the mail. Funds must be deposited through the kiosk machine in the lobby of the jail or you may go online at
  • DO NOT send blank paper or envelopes
  • DO NOT send padded or bubbled envelopes
  • DO NOT put perfume, powder, or cologne on letters
  • DO NOT send mail containing body fluids or hair
  • DO NOT kiss inmate correspondence
  • DO NOT send letters or cards with glue, tape, glitter, stickers or labels
  • DO NOT send letters that are stained or extremely dirty
  • DO NOT send food items, gum, or food labels/wrappers
  • DO NOT send nude, partially nude, or other obscene photos or drawings
  • DO NOT send anything depicting violence, sex, or gang affiliation

How to Call an Inmate

You can't call an inmate who is housed at the Colbert County Jail, but they do have access to phones and are allowed to make outgoing calls. The inmate phone system is provided by CPC (Combined Public Communications) 

An account is set up for each inmate once they are booked into the Colbert County Jail. Money can be added to the inmate's phone account online by clicking this link:

Or, you may visit the jail between 7am and 7pm (seven days a week) to add funds via the kiosk machine in the lobby with CASH, DEBIT CARDS, or CREDIT CARDS.

How to Send Money

During the booking process at Colbert County Jail, a commissary account is set up for each inmate. If the inmate has money in their possession during the booking process, the money will be taken and placed into their inmate commissary account.

You can add money to an inmate's account at the Colbert County Jail by using the kiosk in the jail lobby, which accepts cash, debit, & credit cards. You can also add funds online at

Inmates have the option to order snacks, drinks, personal hygiene items, stationary items, and some clothing. Inmates place their commissary orders once a week on Tuesdays, and receive their orders on Wednesdays.  

When an inmate is released, they receive a Mastercard debit card for the remaining balance of their account.  However, if the inmate is transferred to another jail facility of another agency they will be issued a check to take with them to that facility.

Programs For Inmates

This information is not publicly available.

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Careers at Colbert County Jail

If you are interested in a career with the Sheriff's Department and would like more information about the job openings at the Colbert County Jail, click here.