Covington County Jail

The Covington County Jail is located in Andalusia, Alabama. This detention facility is operated by the Covington County Sheriff's Department and holds inmates who have been arrested by local county or municipal law enforcement. 

The Covington County Jail also houses inmates who are waiting for their cases to be adjudicated by the court, and those who have been sentenced to the county jail. The Covington County Jail also houses inmates who are waiting to be transferred to their assigned Alabama Department of Corrections facility.

Posting Bail/Bond

There are three types of Bail/Bonds that can be posted to get a family member, friend, or loved one out of the Covington County Jail -- Cash Bond, Professional Bonding Company, and Property Bond.

Anyone posting a bond must understand that by signing the paperwork, you are swearing that all information is accurate. If the information is later found to be false, you may be held accountable. All bonds require a $35 money order to pay for the bond fee.

Cash Bond – If you wish to post a Cash Bond, you must go to the Circuit Clerk's Office. You must place a deposit in the entire amount of the bond, and the Circuit Clerk will issue a receipt. When your inmate gets a disposition on their case, the money will either be returned to you or placed against any accrued fines. 

Professional Bonding Company – Another option is to hire a Professional Bonding Service to post the Bail/Bond. The bond company must have current, valid business licenses that are required to bond in Covington County. They may charge a fee and ask for collateral. 

Property Bond – You may place your property as collateral in the form of a property bond. These are accepted at the Covington County Sheriff’s Office Monday through Friday from 8am till 4pm. There are various rules that apply for a property bond to be accepted.

Property owners must understand that by placing their property on a Bail/Bond they are guaranteeing the Court that the defendant will appear at the appropriate time. Failure to appear may result in a lien being placed against your property for the amount of the bond.

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Covington County Jail

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Please contact the Covington County Jail for information about visiting hours and rules.

Physical Address

Covington County Jail
290 Hillcrest Drive
Andalusia, AL 36420

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number

(334) 428-2640

Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Covington County Jail
℅ Inmate name
290 Hillcrest Drive
Andalusia, AL 36420

Packages for inmates are not accepted through the mail by the Covington County Jail.

How to Call an Inmate

You can't call an inmate who is housed at the Covington County Jail, but they do have access to phones, and are allowed to make outgoing calls. 

Inmate telephone services at the Covington County Jail are provided by NCIC Inmate Communications. Friends and family members can set up and fund prepaid collect accounts by visiting or by calling 1-800-943-2189.

How to Send Money

During the booking process at Covington County Jail, a commissary account is set up for each inmate. If the inmate has money in their possession during the booking process, the money will be taken and placed into their inmate commissary account.

You can add money to an inmate's account at the Covington County Jail by using the kiosk in the jail lobby, which accepts cash, debit, & credit cards. You can also add funds online at

Inmates have the option to order snacks, drinks, personal hygiene items, stationary items, and some clothing.

Programs For Inmates

This information is not publicly available.

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Careers at Covington County Jail

If you are interested in a career with the Sheriff's Department and would like more information about the job openings at the Covington County Jail, click here.