Yuba County Jail

The Yuba County Jail is located in Marysville, California on Sixth Street between "B" Street and "C" Street, on the back side of the Courthouse. This facility is operated by the Yuba County Sheriff's Department and is the main inmate holding facility for Yuba County. The jail has a capacity of 428 prisoners. 

This jail houses adult men and women who have been arrested by county or municipal law enforcement, those committed to custody by the courts via sentencing, ICE contract prisoners, and inmates awaiting transfer to the California Department of Corrections.

Inmate Search

To find out if your loved one is being held in the Yuba County Jail, call the facility directly or use VINE (see below). 

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) is a free and anonymous telephone service that provides victims of crime both information and notification. VINE monitors the custody status of offenders in the Yuba County Claybank and receives updated information every 15 minutes.

The Toll Free Number for California VINE is 1.877.411.5588. Anyone can call the California State VINE line to determine an inmate's custody status. To search for offender information, callers will need one of the following items:

  • Offender name or alias
  • Secondary search option (if there is more than one offender with the same name), such as:
    • Arrest date
    • Date of birth
    • Middle initial
    • Offender identification number

VINE will let callers know about the offender's current custody status, the location of the inmate, and his/her offender number.

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Yuba County Jail

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Visiting Hours and Rules

The Yuba County Sheriff's Department has established a visiting policy to allow inmates the opportunity to maintain social relationships with family and friends. All visits are conducted at the basement level of the facility, located behind the county courthouse.

Access to the visitor's lobby includes a stairwell and an elevator. Access and visiting space for the handicapped is available. Visiting at the Yuba County Jail is conducted daily, seven days a week. The day and time of visits is determined by an inmate's cell assignment.

inmate. All inmates are allowed two visits per week, one of which will be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday. 

Every person wishing to visit is required to register with the visiting clerk prior to the beginning of the visiting period. Due to the limited number of spaces available for visiting, any visitor arriving late cannot be guaranteed their full visit.

POD                                    Must √ in by:                        DAY                               TIME
A (even)                             8:00am                                  Monday                        8:30am - 9:30am
A (odd)                               9:45am                                  Monday                       10:15am - 11:15am
B (a-j)                                 1:45pm                                   Monday                       2:15pm - 3:15pm
B (k-z)                                3:30pm                                   Monday                       4:00pm - 5:00pm
C                                         5:15pm                                   Monday                       5:45pm - 6:45pm
D (even)                             8:00am                                   Tuesday                       8:30am - 9:30am
D (odd)                               9:45am                                  Tuesday                        10:15am - 11:15am
E                                          NA                                          Tuesday                        QRNT/NONE
F (even)                              NA                                          Tuesday                        QRNT/NONE
F (odd)                                NA                                          Tuesday                       QRNT/NONE
G                                          8:00am                                  Wednesday                  8:30am - 9:30am
H                                          9:45am                                  Wednesday                  10:15am - 11:15am
I                                            1:45pm                                  Wednesday                  2:15pm - 3:15pm
J                                           3:30pm                                  Wednesday                  4:00pm - 5:00pm
K                                           5:15pm                                  Wednesday                  5:45pm - 6:45pm
L                                           9:45am                                  Thursday                      10:15am - 11:15am
M                                          8:00am                                  Thursday                      8:30am - 9:30am
N                                          1:45pm                                   Thursday                      2:15pm - 3:15pm
P                                           8:00am                                   Friday                           8:30am - 9:30am
Q                                           9:45am                                   Friday                          10:15am - 11:15am
R                                           1:45pm                                   Friday                           2:15pm - 3:15pm
S                                           3:30pm                                   Friday                           4:00pm - 5:00pm
T                                           3:30pm                                   Thursday                     4:00pm - 5:00pm

Physical Address

Yuba County Jail
215 5th Street, Suit #150
Marysville, CA 95901

Driving Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/t8LcTLmNgo3RL7su9

General Phone Number

(530) 749-7740

Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Yuba County Jail
Inmate Name and Booking Number
P.O. Box 1031
Marysville, California 95901

Inmates are allowed to receive an unlimited number of letters. However, incoming mail that depicts gang related markings or derogatory remarks will be returned to the sender. 

Any items sent in by mail other than a letter, single layer card, money, or a limited amount of wallet size photos (3 x 5 max.), will be returned to the sender. 

The Jail does not accept packages for inmates. Packages will be refused and returned to the sender by the post office.

Prohibited items in incoming inmate mail:

  • Loose postage stamps or postage books contained inside the envelope
  • Stickers
  • Envelopes stained with lipstick, chocolate, oils, perfumes, other materials, or foreign substances 
  • Embossed cards or cards with raised areas, which enclose a space, music, devices, attached items, flocked designs
  • Any type of item normally denied to jail inmates.
  • Any type of item normally available through the inmate commissary.
  • Polaroid pictures
  • Obscene material such as depictions of acts of sexual intercourse (actual or simulated), exposure of male or female sex organs or bare breasts
  • Any material deemed inappropriate based on a valid penological interest.

How to Call an Inmate

Inmates at the Yuba County Jail cannot receive incoming phone calls, however, they have access to phones and can make outgoing calls from the inmate housing area. Phone calls are recorded and may be monitored at any time. 

California law has established the right of an arrested person to make at least three free local telephone calls when they are booked: one call to an attorney, one to a bail bond agent, and one to a relative or other personal contact.

How to Send Money

Funds can be deposited into an inmate's account at the Yuba County Jail using cash, credit or debit cards, cashier’s checks, or money orders. 

Cashier’s windows are no longer open at the jail, but the Lobby Kiosk does accept cash or credit and debit cards. Funds can also be deposited online at www.TouchPayOnline.com, or by calling the automated payment system at 1-866-232-1899. There is a small convenience fee.

Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks can be mailed to the inmate to pay for commissary and phone time. Do not send cash or personal checks by mail.

Programs For Inmates

There are a variety of programs at the Yuba County Jail. Including medical, kitchen, recreation - exercise, commissary, visiting, law library, inmate education, work programs, work furlough program, weekender program, and inmate classification.

Emphasis is placed on rehabilitative training. Vocational training courses are offered in janitorial services, construction, and life skills. Other programming includes alcohol and drug counseling, General Education, anger management and stress management.

G.E.D. Program

This program is offered to inmates who haven't completed their High School education. The class covers general education and a variety of other subjects.

Life skills

The educational program teaches basic skills (reading, writing and arithmetic), high school courses, vocational courses, and practical life skills (such as filling out employment applications and job interviewing techniques).

Janitorial Class

This class is an opportunity to obtain certification in various areas in the field of janitorial services. Certificates of Participation are issued to inmate workers depending upon length of time in the program. 

The class is offered to both inside and outside inmate workers who are trained to perform janitorial custodial duties such as equipment care, floor care, dust mopping, floor scrubbing, floor stripping, application of finish, floor buffing, carpet care, restrooms, window cleaning, shower and locker rooms. 


Inmates confined in the Yuba County Jail are allowed to correspond with the County Clerk to register to vote and make an application for an absentee ballot. Inmates confined in the Yuba County Jail are allowed to correspond with the County Clerk in their county of residence.

Work Furlough Program

Allows sentenced inmates to continue working their jobs outside the Jail in public or private employment for a regular wage. To be eligible for the program, inmates must be responsible. Factors that measure responsibility are: past work history, duration of job, regularity of attendance at work, and total criminal record.

Pictures of Yuba County Jail

Careers at Yuba County Jail

If you are interested in a career with the Yuba County Sheriff's Department and would like more information about the job openings at the Yuba County Jail, click here.