Custer County Jail

The Custer County Jail (aka the Custer County Detention Center) is located in Westcliffe, Colorado. This facility is operated by the Detentions Division of the Custer County Sheriff's Department and houses up to 12 adult men who have been arrested by local law enforcement.

The Detentions Division can house preadjudicated adult male offenders, as well as those who have been sentenced for up to three years. Female offenders who are held for charges in Custer County are currently being housed in the Fremont County Detention Facility in Cañon City, Colorado. 

Inmate Search

To find out if your loved one is being held in the Custer County Jail, call the facility or use VINE

Bail and Bonding

Bail and bonds are set by the courts, and there are times when an arrested person must see a judge before they can bond out of jail. 

A bail is primarily used to make sure the arrested person will show up in court at the scheduled time. Bond is how the bail money is guaranteed to the Court–which you can post with cash or use a surety bond via a bondsperson. 

To post a cash bond, you must have either cash, money order, or a cashier’s check. Cashier’s checks and money orders must be made payable to the Custer County Combined Courts.

Surety bonds must be done by a bondsperson. Depending on how much bail is needed, a nonrefundable fee is usually charged.

Per Colorado state law, the sheriff must release a defendant within six hours after a personal recognizance bond is set and the defendant has returned to jail. The sheriff must also release a defendant within six hours of a cash bond or surety bond being posted, unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

Every person incarcerated at the Custer County Detention Center is charged a $30.00 booking and processing fee, with the exception of those who are held as a courtesy to another county. Anyone posting a bond will be charged a $10.00 bond processing fee. 

Please note: a personal recognizance bond does not require money to be paid before the arrested person's release. Booking, processing, and bonding fees are expected–but not required–at the time of release and can be charged as debt.

Bond/Detention Payments

Custer County accepts credit and debit card payments through AllPaid. Payments can be made with a major credit, debit, or prepaid debit card for:

  • Bonds
  • Bond Fees
  • Detention Fees

To make a payment, you will need the following information:

  • Location (Custer County Sheriff's Office COLORADO) and Location Code (PLC #a004w6)
  • Payment Amount
  • Name of person for whom payment is being paid

A licensed bail bondsman may also be used to post an inmate's bond. They will charge you a fee for their service, which is in addition to the bonding fee and booking fee described above.

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Custer County Jail

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Inmate visitation at the Custer County Detention Center is available via video. Call the jail or click here for more information.

Physical Address

Custer County Jail
702 Rosita Ave
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number


Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Custer County Jail
Inmate Name and ID Number
P. O. Box 1489
Westcliffe, CO 81252

How to Call an Inmate

Inmates at the Custer County Jail cannot receive incoming phone calls, however, they have access to phones and can make outgoing calls from the inmate housing area. Phone calls are recorded and may be monitored at any time.

All incoming detainees receive at least one free phone call at the Custer County facility. After this, phone calls must be made “collect” or with a prepaid phone card.

How to Send Money

The Custer County jail is too small to house a commissary, so an officer makes a weekly trip to a nearby grocery store to buy selected items for inmates. At this time, the jail does not accept inmate funds sent via Internet websites.

If you would like to send your inmate some money so they can buy extra food or other items, take cash or a money order made out to the inmate directly to the jail and leave it with an officer (don't forget your receipt).

You can also send a money order by mail to the following address:

Custer County Sheriff’s Office
℅ Inmate Name
P.O. Box 1489
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Programs For Inmates

Information not publicly available.

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Careers at Custer County Jail

If you are interested in a career with the Custer County Sheriff's Department and would like more information about the job openings at the Custer County Jail, click here.