Hillsborough County Jail (Orient Road)

The Hillsborough County Jail (Jail Division I—Orient Road) is located in Tampa, Florida. This facility is operated by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, and houses adult men and women who have been arrested by local county or municipal law enforcement. 

The other Hillsborough County Jail is known as Jail Division II and is located on Falkenburg Road in Tampa.

Inmate Search

To find out if your loved one is being held in Hillsborough County, click here, call the jail at 813-247-8300, or use VINE (see below). Be prepared to provide the inmate’s full name and date of birth when using the VINE website.

Florida VINE

The Florida VINE system is a service through which victims of crime can search for information regarding the custody status of their offender, and to register to receive phone calls and e-mail notifications when the offender’s custody status changes. 

This service is provided to assist Victims of Crime who have a right to know about their offender's custody status. Click this link to register.

Inmates being held for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Florida Department of Corrections (DOC), or charges from other counties will not be found by going to the VINE Link above. You will have to call the jail.

Bonding someone out of the Hillsborough County Jail

The method (cash/surety) and amount of money needed for bonding someone out of the Hillsborough County Jail depends on their charges. Most crimes, but not all crimes, are bondable offenses.

When you pay a cash bond, it is refunded to you when all court appearances have been made and the case is discharged, dismissed, or a not guilty verdict rendered. If the arrestee fails to appear or is found guilty, the money will be forfeited. 

When you use a Bail Bondsman for a surety bond, you will not get a refund. 

For more information about bonds, click here.

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Hillsborough County Jail (Orient Road)

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Visiting Hours and Rules

The Hillsborough County Jail -- Orient Road offers visits by video only. You can visit with your inmate from home or at the Video Visitation Center located on the premises of the Falkenburg Road Jail.

The video visitation center located at:

520 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa FL, 33619

Video Visitation Center

On site visitation at the visitation center is offered seven days a week, including holidays, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:40 p.m. The first visit begins at 10 a.m. and the last visit starts at 8:00 p.m.

Appointments may be scheduled by the visitor up to seven calendar days in advance by visiting https://hcsovisit.com/app.

Each inmate is allowed up to three visitors per visit. One of the three visitors must be an adult. Inmates are limited to three scheduled visits per calendar week. 

Visitors must properly identify themselves when they arrive at the visitation center. They must present a valid government issued photo identification indicating their date of birth. 

No weapons, tobacco products, lighters, e-cigarettes, alcoholic beverages or non-service animals are allowed within the visitation center. 

Dress code

Visitors must be appropriately dressed, with a shirt and shoes being required. Visitation staff will determine if clothing is appropriate. Those not in compliance with the dress code may be asked to leave the center.  

Remote Visits

Visiting hours for remote visits from home are 9:30 AM to 8:50 PM daily, with the last visit starting at 8:30 PM. Inmates are allowed one visit per day and three visits per calendar week. The cost is $8.00 for a 20- minute session.

You must visit https://hcsovisit.com/app to set up a visitation account.

Physical Address

Hillsborough County Jail (Jail Division I -- Orient Road)
1201 Orient Road
Tampa, FL 33619

Driving Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/FPVMENr4doqpMxS5A

General Phone Number


Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Inmate/Detainee Name & ID Number
Hillsborough County Jail
1201 Orient Road
Tampa, FL 33619

All incoming inmate mail (with the exception of legal/privileged mail) must be in the form of a postcard. Postcards are scanned to inmates via a tablet available in each pod. All other types of correspondence -- including letters, non-legal publications, and unapproved forms of postcards -- will be returned to the sender.

All postcards must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 3 ½” x 5” but no larger than 6 ⅛ x 11 ½”
  • Must contain the inmate’s name and booking number
  • Must include a complete return name and address

The following is unacceptable and will be returned to sender:

  • Postcards marked with paint, watermarks, or stains
  • Plastic or any type of wrapping on the postcards
  • Postcards with any biohazards including lipstick or perfume

Postcards that contain the following images are not allowed and will be returned:

  • Anything that alters the appearance of the person in the photo
  • Photos that expose too much cleavage
  • Filtered pictures like Snap-Chat filters
  • Hand gestures such as pointing like a gun and/or gang signs
  • Gun displays of any kind
  • Swimsuit photos
  • Third-party pictures (posters, love letters, etc.)
  • Text or words such as screenshot of messages
  • Someone in the image holding a sign with inappropriate or offensive text or words
  • Contain nipple or penetration
  • Nudity
  • Sexual activity or content sexual in nature
  • Violence or threats
  • Hate speech
  • Illegal activity, including marijuana or narcotics
  • Direct or indirect inmate-to-inmate communication
  • ID, driver’s license, or passport
  • Black and white photos

All individuals in photos must be fully clothed; regardless of age and gender. All photos of children MUST BE FULLY CLOTHED TOP AND BOTTOM (No child in diapers).


Friends and family can send messages and photos to an inmate by setting up an account at www.gettingout.com.

How to Call an Inmate

Inmates at the Hillsborough County Jail cannot receive incoming phone calls, however, they have access to phones and can make outgoing calls from the inmate housing area between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. Phone calls are recorded and may be monitored at any time.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office contracts with GTL’s ConnectNetwork™ to provide inmate phone services to both the Orient Road and Falkenburg Road jails. You have the option of making payments directly to an inmate's calling account or setting up a prepaid Collect calling plan for calls to cell phones or accounts with credit issues.

Advance Pay Account

Advance Pay accounts allow you to prepay for collect calls from an inmate to your phone number. This option allows you to control expenses and call acceptance. You can set up alerts by text, email, or automated phone call to remind you to fund your account when your balance is low

Request to Call Phone Service

The Request2Call® phone service lets you send a FREE notification through the ConnectNetwork website or mobile app to the inmate letting them know you’d like a phone call.

How to Send Money

Canteen/Commissary services at the Hillsborough County Jail -- Orient Road are provided by Aramark Correctional Services. Canteen deliveries are made twice during the week. You may deposit funds in an inmate’s account by using “TOUCHPAY”. 

You must have all of the following information to fund an account:

  • Facility Locator No. 233619
  • Hillsborough County, FL
  • Inmate Booking No. ( EX: 2018-00000,  Should be entered without dashes as: 201800000 )
  • Inmate Name


Kiosks are located in the front lobbies of both the Orient and Falkenburg Road jails.


Go to the TouchPay Payment Systems website and follow the on-screen prompts. You will need a Visa / MasterCard (credit or debit) or your personal checking account information, plus an email address for the receipt.


Call TouchPay 1-866-232-1899 and follow the prompts. You will need a Visa / MasterCard (credit or debit), and all completed transactions will receive a confirmation number.

Postal Mail

Complete a money order with the inmate's name and booking number. Include the sender's name and address. Call 813-626-8800 if you have any questions. Mail the money order to:

207 Kelsey Lane Suite "G"
Tampa, FL 33619

iCare Packages

Friends and family can order care packages to send to an inmate in the Hillsborough County Jail -- Orient Road by going online or calling iCare at 1-877-615-3296. Care packages are limited to one per week and are contingent upon any restrictions the inmate may have.

Programs For Inmates

This information is not publicly available.

Pictures of Hillsborough County Jail (Orient Road)

Careers at Hillsborough County Jail (Orient Road)

If you are interested in a career with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department and would like more information about the job openings at the Hillsborough County Jail, click here.


This position has a pay range of $24.39-$39.57 hourly, or $53,267.76-$86,411.71 annually. There is currently a $3000 Signing Bonus being offered that is divided into three equal payments.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance coverage
  • Florida Retirement System and Deferred Compensation
  • Paid time off including sick, vacation, and holiday time
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Employee incentives for educational degrees and bilingual (Spanish) abilities
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid training

Job duties include:

  • Provide direct and remote supervision of inmates
  • Conduct frequent security checks for evidence of unauthorized activities and infractions of rules, respond to situations, and document accordingly.
  • Receive and process inmates from officers and the courts, maintain inmates’ property and direct inmates throughout the intake process.
  • Maintain security and custody of volatile and violent inmates.
  • Observe conduct and behavior of inmates, respond to and control emergency situations, and use appropriate levels of force to control combative, volatile, or hostile offenders.
  • Schedule, supervise and cancel inmate visitations.
  • Supervise the dispensing of food in a timely fashion to inmates
  • Supervise inmates and trustee-inmates work crews.
  • Conduct metal and x-ray detection of individuals and materials before entering facilities
  • Inspect cells, housing areas, locks, windows, grills, doors, gates, and perimeters of buildings and grounds for security purposes.
  • Transport inmates to other facilities
  • Run daily reports
  • Enter information into a database to capture daily activities.
  • Operate a master control center 

Applicants must be a US Citizen, have a high school diploma or GED, and be at least 19 years old. Possession of a valid certification by the State of Florida as a Correctional Officer (Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission Basic Recruit Certificate) is required.

Additional requirements include one year experience as a state, county, or city correctional officer in good standing OR successful completion of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Detention Deputy Trainee status.

Additionally, the following are required:

  • Of good moral character.
  • Six months tobacco free at time of application.
  • Live within Hillsborough County or within Citrus, Hardee, Hernando, Lake, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota, or Sumter County as long as the residence is located within the 60-mile parameter of Falkenburg Road Jail at that time of appointment/employment.
  • No visible tattoos on face, head, and neck. Tattoos determined to take away from the professional appearance of the Sheriff's Office must be covered with an appropriate white, black, or neutral covering.
  • No illegal drug use within the past 36 months. No marijuana use within the last 12 months.
  • No felony convictions within lifetime.
  • No misdemeanor convictions involving perjury, false statement, or domestic violence within lifetime.
  • No dishonorable discharge from any branch of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Coast Guard, National Guard, or Reserve Forces.
  • Successful completion of a background investigation including criminal, reference, employment, and neighborhood checks; polygraph; medical evaluation; and drug screening.