Fulton County Jail South Annex

The Fulton County Jail South Annex is located at 6500 Watson St. in Union City, Georgia and is operated by the Fulton County Sheriff's Department. 

This facility is part of the Fulton County Jail System. It houses female inmates—both felony and misdemeanor offenders—who have been arrested by local county or municipal law enforcement, as well as pre-trial and convicted inmates. 

The Fulton County Jail South Annex currently holds 260 female inmates, 50 of whom are considered mental health detainees

Inmate Search

To find out if your loved one is being held in Fulton County, click here, call the jail at 404-613-6637, or use VINE (see below). Be prepared to provide the inmate’s full name and date of birth.

Georgia Fulton VINE

The GA Fulton VINE system is a service that allows victims of crime to search for information regarding an offender's custody status using the telephone or Internet. 

The VINE toll-free number for the GA Fulton VINE system is (877) 994-8463.  This service is provided to assist Victims of Crime who have a right to know about their offender's custody status. Click here to VineLink

Bonding someone out of the Fulton County Jail South Annex

A criminal bond is a financial guarantee that the arrested person will appear in court on a specified date. A BOND IS NOT A FINE. The person you are posting the bond for must appear before a judge to answer criminal charges. 

A fee of $20.00 is charged for every bond that is written by the jail. This fee may be paid in cash and is non-refundable.

If an inmate has bondable charges, he or she can bond out at any time. A bond can be paid with or without a bail bond agent. The method (cash/surety) and amount of money needed for bonding someone out of the Fulton County Jail South Annex depends on their charges. Most crimes, but not all crimes, are bondable offenses.

  • Cash Bond

When you pay a cash bond, it is refunded to you when all court appearances have been made and the case is discharged, dismissed, or a not guilty verdict rendered. Failure to appear at the appointed time will result in forfeiture of the bond amount and may result in a Bench Warrant ordered by the judge.

To sign a cash bond, you must bring a photo identification card and enough cash to cover the bond. The sheriff's office only accepts paper money (no change allowed), money order, or cashier’s check. The entire amount of the cash bond must be paid at the bonding office before the inmate is released. 

  • Surety Bond

When you use a Bail Bondsman for a surety bond, you will be required to pay a fee (usually equal to 10 to 15 percent of the bond amount) that will not be refunded. Only an approved bondsman may be used.

For details about posting bonds in Fulton County and a complete list of approved bonding companies, click here.

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Fulton County Jail South Annex

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Visiting Hours and Rules

The Fulton County Jail South Annex offers both on-site, in-person visits and remote video visits. Inmates are allowed visitors within seven to 14 days of getting booked into the jail.

Female Inmate Visitation

Female inmates are only allowed in-person visits on Thursdays. Remote video visits are allowed Monday through Friday. You must be on the list of approved visitors provided by your inmate in order to visit. All visitors must have scheduled an appointment.

Inmates are allowed one onsite visit per week, and visits should be scheduled no later than 24 hours in advance. A maximum of five people (adults or children) are allowed per visit. Visits will last a maximum of 30 minutes. On-site visits allow a visitor to see the inmate through Plexiglas.

On-site visiting hours are 9:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. until 8:25 p.m. (Please note the latest time to schedule a morning visit is 2:30 p.m. and the evening is 8:25 p.m.). There is no remote or on-site video visitation on Saturdays and Sundays. 

On-site visitors must arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment. Visitors who are more than 10 minutes late will not visit. 

Visitors may leave money for inmates at the visitation center between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

All children 17-years-old or younger must be accompanied by an adult. All visitors 18 and older must have a valid, government-issued photo ID.

All visitors must register online to reserve an appointment for inmate visitation.

The Fulton County Jail South Annex Visit Location is:
6500 Watson St.
Union City, GA 30291

Items Not Allowed in the Visitation Center

Fulton County Jail South Annex does not allow ANY electronics devices inside of the facility. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mobile phones
  • Computerized tablets (iPad and similar devices) 
  • Laptops
  • Digital music players (iPod, MP3, etc.)
  • Bluetooth devices
  • E- Reader (Nook Tablets, Kindle, and similar devices)
  • Audio recording devices
  • Cameras
  • Watches with audio or video recording ability
  • Televisions 

Dress Code

The following clothing items are NOT allowed to be worn or carried into the Fulton County Jail South Annex visiting room:

  • See through garments or clothing that shows body parts.
  • Tight fitting clothing such as spandex, leggings, yoga pants, etc.
  • Clothing that has holes or rips whether man-made or designer.
  • Shorts that are above the knee.
  • Mini skirts, short dresses, or sagging pants.
  • Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or visible white undergarment t-shirts.
  • Head coverings such as scarves, bandannas, hats, ball caps, etc.
  • Sleepwear such as pajama pants, nightgowns, house shoes, etc.
  • Sunglasses, shades.
  • Handbags or purses.
  • Clothing or garments with illegal, offensive, or obscene graphics.
  • Shoes that are determined to be slip hazardous such as flip flops, shoes without a back strap, heels and toes out, etc.

Under garments are required, but should not be seen. Outerwear such as jackets, sweaters, coats, hoodies, etc. must be removed before entering the Fulton County Jail South Annex.

Physical Address

Fulton County Jail South Annex
6500 Watson Street
Union City, Georgia 30291

Driving Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/3tyw31rpef86zozD6

General Phone Number


Inmate Mailing Address(es)

The Fulton County Jail South Annex uses the Securus Digital Mail Center for all incoming inmate mail.

Here is an example of how to address your inmate mail.

All mail is scanned into the Securus digital system and inmates can view their correspondence on kiosks and tablets in their housing unit. If you are sending pictures and would like them returned you must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

All letters and postcards must be written in blue or blank ONLY. Postcards must be plain white and pre-stamped. They are available from the US Post Office.


  • Photographs must be 4” X 6” or smaller
  • The inmate’s name and SO number must be written on the back of each photograph
  • Nothing else is to be written on the photographs.
  • Photographs must be unaltered and may not contain any adhesives, such as stickers or labels.
  • Photographs must not depict sexual activity, visibly expose the breast, pubic area or buttocks, contain gang signs or codes or promote or show illegal activity.
  • Fulton County Jail South Annex Dress Code applies to photographs.

Unacceptable Postcards

  • No defaced or altered postcards.
  • No plastic or wrappings on postcards.
  • No postcards marked with paint, crayons or markers.
  • No postcards with labels or stickers.
  • No postcards with watermarks or stains.
  • No postcards with any biohazards, including perfumes or lipstick.
  • No postcards depicting nudity, weapons or gang references.
  • Postcards should not have affixed stamps.

How to Call an Inmate

Inmates at the Fulton County Jail South Annex cannot receive incoming phone calls, however, they have access to phones and can make outgoing calls from the inmate housing area. Phone calls are recorded and may be monitored at any time. 

The Fayette County Jail uses Securus as the inmate telephone provider. They offer three different ways to pay for inmate phone calls.


This is a prepaid account that puts you in control of your spending. Simply add money to your AdvanceConnect account to begin receiving calls from your loved one. You have the option of adding multiple phone numbers to your account.

Direct Bill

This account is the best option when your inmate is incarcerated for longer than two years. A credit check may be required. With Direct Bill, you can accept calls and charges up to your credit limit, and you will receive an itemized monthly statement of activity and charges. 

Traditional Collect

When choosing this option, charges appear on your local telephone bill. Depending on your local telephone service provider, you may be eligible to pay for collect calls from inmates using this method. This account is subject to a 90-day rolling spending limit and a monthly Bill Statement Fee of up to $2.00.

For more information about the communication services at Fulton County Jail South Annex, click here.


Inmates who purchase tablets from Securus are allowed to make local calls from that device. As long as money is in their account, the inmate can purchase tables on the floor for $11.00 for the first day, and the remaining 29 days are free. Headphones are required to use the tables, and the cost for those is $5.95.

How to Send Money

The Commissary at Fulton County Jail South Annex offers snack foods, writing paper, stamps, envelopes, socks, underwear, T-shirts, bras, toiletries, and playing cards. Each Housing Unit may purchase Commissary once a week.

At the time of booking, any money an inmate has on them is placed into their commissary account. You can add money to your inmate's account in a few different ways.

Minimum Deposit = $5.00; Maximum Deposit = $200.00
Maximum transaction amount per week per inmate or cardholder is $200.00.
Maximum # of transactions per week per inmate or cardholder is 5.

Lobby Kiosk

At the Fulton County Jail South Annex there is a kiosk located in the lobby that accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash deposits. Inmate search by name or booking ID.

The cash fee is $4.00 to make a deposit with the kiosk. The kiosk cashiers do not accept $1.00 bills, and it does not provide change


Go online to smartdeposit.com to make a deposit. You will need the inmate's SO#, and the fees begin at $2.95.

By Phone

Call 1-866-394-0490 to make a deposit over the phone. You will need your inmate's SO# and the fees start at $4.00.

Money Orders

  • ONLY U.S. Postal money orders are accepted.
  • The envelope must be clearly marked “INMATE ACCOUNTING.”
  • Must be made payable to the inmate.
  • No additional correspondence will be accepted with incoming inmate funds.
  • If additional contents are inside the envelope, the entire package will be returned to sender.
  • Send directly to the jail using the address above.

Programs For Inmates

Religious Services are offered by various denominations on a regular schedule. The Fulton County Jail South Annex also has a Chaplain available for counseling.

Educational Programs offered include high school diploma courses, sewing, culinary arts, diesel mechanics, horticulture, meat processing, auto body, and welding. There is counseling for substance abuse, including AA and NA meetings.

The GED Program

This program prepares inmates for the GED exam in subjects such as math, science, social studies, writing, and critical reading. Inmates who successfully complete this program receive a General Educational Development Certificate, which is a substitute for a high school diploma. 

New Beginners

A program for female inmates that aims to help them channel their anger and conflict in a positive manner with the use of different methods.

Cosmetology Program

A four-week program for female inmates that uses various cosmetology tools such as clips, combs, application brushes, mannequin heads, and cosmetology books to train inmates in the cosmetology field. 

Graduates receive a braiding certificate that can be used to gain employment at any salon upon their release.

Canine Program

Inmates and dogs that have faced isolation and rejection by the outside world come together in this program, and they often give each other a new found sense of hope. 

This is an 11 week program which consists of dog training classes, arts and crafts, computer classes, and volunteer speakers. Upon completion, the dogs are adopted to a loving family.

Journey To Wholeness

This program consists of substance abuse classes, anger management, job readiness and group therapy.

Platform of Hope

This 12-week course is for female inmates only. The goal is to reduce recidivism while increasing self-esteem and economic sustainability. The focus is on soft skills application, job readiness, basic computer skills, and supportive employment.

Pictures of Fulton County Jail South Annex

Careers at Fulton County Jail South Annex

If you are interested in a career with the Fulton County Sheriff's Office and would like more information about the job openings and opportunities at the Fulton County Jail South Annex, click here.

Detention Officers in Fulton County perform duties related to monitoring inmates, screening inmate visitation, and securing detention facilities. They also supervise inmate work details, generate reports, maintain records, and assist with transporting inmates to various facilities.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and one year of experience performing public safety, security, corrections, or customer service duties. 

They must also have a valid State of Georgia driver's license and Jail Officer training certification issued through the Georgia POST (which can be obtained after getting hired).

Click here to apply.