Maui Community Correctional Center

The Maui Community Correctional Center is one of four jails in the state of Hawaii. It is located on the island of Maui, in the town of Wailuku.

The function of this jail is to house pre-trial detainees, and house sentenced felons and parole violators who will be released on the island of Maui.

An innovative drug court program enables select pre-trial inmates, sentenced felons, and parole violators to participate in in-facility treatment services, which is followed by another nine months of treatment in the community.

Bail and Releases

Bail can only be paid in cash or cashier's check. The cashier's check must be made payable to either Maui District Court or Maui Second Circuit Court, anytime between 8:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding state holidays. 

The court's fiscal office is located at 2145 Main Street, Ste. 137, Wailuku HI 96793, telephone number is (808) 244-2999. Please note, bail is not accepted at MCCC. 

MCCC does not address questions related to an inmate's release time. For information regarding bail amounts and charges, contact the appropriate court office where the inmate's case is being heard.

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Maui Community Correctional Center

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Visitation at the Maui Community Correctional Center is a privilege and not a right. These privileges may be restricted if either the inmate or visitor violates rules. All persons wanting to visit an inmate must first be cleared for visitation. Clearance for individuals on this list normally takes one week.

Visiting hours are on Saturdays and Sundays, from 8 am to 9am, 9:15 am to 10:15 am, and 11am to 12 pm.

All visitors must be on the approved visitors list to gain entry. Visitors may call (808) 243-5101 on Tuesdays from 8:30 am to 10:30 am to schedule the weekly visit. 

On-site visits are non-contact only, and take place in the Central Sallyport. No more than two visitors can visit with an inmate at one time.

Video Visits

Inmates have access to inmate tablets provided by Global Tel Link (GTL) which allows video visit calls and other program services. 

During assigned times, inmates have access to an inmate tablet for video visitation with approved visitors. Pay options include prepaid and PIN debit calls. Payment is the responsibility of the inmate and party accepting the video call. 

All video visit calls, with the exception of identified privileged/legal video calls, are subject to monitoring and recording. Tablets are provided at no cost to inmates, although access to certain premium features, such as video visits, movies, and games may incur charges. 

Friends and family are given the option to set up prepaid calling accounts (phone and tablet) using credit or debit cards and walk-in retail options. GettingOut is a prepaid service that allows a secure video visit option for approved visitors. 

Any inmate using tablet access to violate facility rules (i.e. nudity, planning escape, introduction of drugs, weapons, or other contraband, engage in STG activity, violence, contacts that are not approved on the visitor list, or any other actions that would threaten safety, security, order, discipline, or control), will be disciplined.

Physical Address

Maui Community Correctional Center
600 Waiale Drive
Wailuku, HI 96793

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number

(808) 243-5101 Main Line
(808) 243-5861 Visitation Hotline
(808) 243-5103 Mail Office
(808) 243-5102 Property Office
(808) 243-5282 Inmate's Account
(808) 243-5197 Programs/Social Worker

Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Inmate Name
Maui Community Correctional Center
600 Waiale Drive
Wailuku, HI 96793

There is no limit on the amount of correspondence you can send to an inmate. However, books, magazines, food items, etc. are not allowed.

Mail will be returned for the following reasons: First/last name and return address not listed, envelope has stickers, ink stamps, glitter, glue, drawings, bookmarks, lipstick/kiss marks, or inappropriate content (i.e. pornography, threatening remarks).

The following is a list of items that are prohibited in inmate mail:

  • Any over-the-counter drugs/alcohol/illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia or any mind altering substance; for example, pills, liquids, powder, etc. 
  • Written communication containing threats of violence against staff, civilian personal or vendors. Any other type of threat that compromises the overall security of the facility and/or the safety of the staff and inmates. 
  • Stationery products: stamps, blank paper, blank greeting or postcards, electronic musical cards, gift cards, calling cards 
  • Photo magnets, laminated plastic or hard cover items (book markers, frames, sheet protectors, tattoo stencils) 
  • Plant shavings (flower petals), body hair 
  • Calendars, maps, electrical wiring diagrams, blue prints 
  • Glitter, glue, ink stamps, lipstick and or kiss marks, stickers 
  • Heavily perfumed or scented envelopes 
  • Newspaper clippings and store coupons, poems or musical printouts (lyrics), digital downloads photos and poems and lyrics 
  • Third party correspondence 
  • Sweepstake prizes, pre-approved credit cards. Participation in a related event is not permitted 
  • Personal checks, money order or cash 
  • Paper clips, ribbons, candy 
  • All photos must be 3" x 5" or smaller. 
    • No altering of photos—no cut-up, torn, pasted or laminated. Photograph depicting nudity, gang graffiti or affiliation or alcohol is prohibited. Social Media screenshots are prohibited. 
  • Drawings/colors or any gang related material or affiliations (only black ink or pencil writing). 
  • Disc jockey request to radio stations and solicitations 
  • Subscriptions to a publication (book, manual, magazine, or newspaper) without prepayment and prior written approval 
  • Sexually explicit material or content are prohibited

How to Call an Inmate

Inmates at the Maui Community Correctional Center cannot receive incoming phone calls. However, the inmates do have access to phones and can make outgoing calls from the inmate housing area. Phone calls are recorded and may be monitored at any time. 

All inmate phone calls (local, inter-island, mainland, and international) are provided by Global Tel Link (GTL). This provider allows calls to landline and wireless cell phones.

GTL offers AdvancePay, a prepaid collect calling service that allows calls from an inmate to your telephone number without the restrictions of standard billing. After the prepaid account is established, collect calls to the telephone number may be placed up to the prepaid amount in the account. After funds are depleted, the system will prompt the account holder to add funds.

Friends and family can set up an AdvancePay account by calling GTL at 1-877-650-4249.

To establish and manage an AdvancePay account online, click here.

How to Send Money

Each inmate is assigned an MCCC account. You must be on the inmate's approved visiting list to send money.


Friends and family can set up a ConnectNetwork account to deposit funds into the inmate trust fund account using credit or debit cards. After creating an account and selecting the facility and an inmate to add to your account (you must be an approved visitor), you can deposit money into his/her trust fund account at any time.

Click here to get started. Friends and family can also set up a ConnectNetwork account by calling 1-877-650-4249 

Jail Lobby

The lobby kiosk at the Maui Community Correctional Center accepts cash, credit, and debit cards. Fees may apply.

US Mail

Cashier’s checks or bank checks made payable to MCCC—with the inmate's first/last name printed on the bottom—are accepted by mail only. Money order, cash personal checks, employee paychecks, or welfare checks will not be accepted.

Cashier’s or bank checks must be mailed to:
Inmate’s first/last name
Attn: Business Office/Inmate Account
600 Waiale Drive
Wailuku, HI 96793

Only individuals who are on an inmate's approved visitation list may mail in CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY to MCCC, on behalf of an inmate. Cashier's checks mailed in by unauthorized persons will not be accepted, and returned to the sender.

Programs For Inmates

MCCC offers numerous programs, including adult basic education, GED, parenting, cognitive skills, substance abuse treatment, vocational training, and work furlough. Extended furlough is offered in conjunction with the Maui Intake Service Center.

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Careers at Maui Community Correctional Center

If you are interested in a career with the Maui Community Correctional Center and would like more information about the job openings and opportunities at this facility, click here.