State Prisons in Nebraska

Community Corrections Center - Lincoln

Community Corrections Center - Lincoln - Overhead View

Community Corrections Center - Omaha

Community Corrections Center - Omaha - Overhead View

Diagnostic and Evaluation Center

Diagnostic and Evaluation Center - Overhead View

Lincoln Correctional Center

Lincoln Correctional Center - Overhead View

Nebraska Correctional Center for Women

Nebraska Correctional Center for Women - Overhead View

Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility

Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility - Overhead View

Nebraska State Penitentiary

Nebraska State Penitentiary - Overhead View

Omaha Correctional Center

Omaha Correctional Center - Overhead View

Tecumseh State Correctional Institution

Tecumseh State Correctional Institution - Overhead View

Work Ethic Camp

Work Ethic Camp - Overhead View