SCI Frackville

The State Correctional Institution at Frackville is a maximum-security prison for male inmates located in Ryan Township of Schuylkill County. It was officially dedicated on April 16, 1987.  The Facility is one of twenty-six Correctional Facilities and one Motivational Boot Camp in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  SCI Frackville is accredited by the American Corrections Association (ACA).

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SCI Frackville

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Visiting Days/Times at SCI Frackville:

Monday | Tuesday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Wednesday | Thursday: CLOSED

MAX Number of Visitors per Inmate: five (includes children)
Vending Machine: Vending Card (No cash allowed in the visiting room. Vending card can be purchased in the lobby)

Please allow for no less than a one-hour visit. Visitors should arrive no less than TWO HOURS prior to closing of the visiting room.

Visiting Rules

  • Vehicles must be locked while on prison property. Windows must be rolled up/closed.
  • NEVER bring any gifts or money for the inmate. This must be done through JPay. Prisons will NOT accept money to be placed on an inmate’s account.
  • No cell phones.
  • Any kind of device that has the capability of audio and/or video/photography recording and/or cell phone capabilities is NOT permitted. 
  • No purses, bags, diaper bags, etc.
  • Unused visits per week may not be carried over into the following week. It’s a “use them or lose them” rule.
  • At most facilities, lockers are available for use. Some lockers may require a deposit ranging from 25 cents to $10. Items not permitted in the visiting room should either be left in your vehicle or placed in the locker. All vehicles and lockers are subject to search.

Visitors with infants

If you have a baby as a part of your visiting group, you may take these items into the visiting room:

  • Up to three UNOPENED, commercially prepared and vacuum-sealed containers of baby food per infant. All containers will be opened by the inspecting officers.
  • Up to three clear plastic bottles of pre-mixed formula/white milk per infant.
  • Up to three diapers per infant. Diapers must be loose so they can be inspected.
  • Up to three pull-ups or training pants per infant.
  • A reasonable number of wipes.

Video Visitation

Video visitation is a free service being offered to inmates and authorized visitors, and all inmates are eligible to participate. To sign up and schedule a visit, check out the visitation scheduler system. For complete details, read the Video Visitation Visitors Guide


Physical Address

SCI Frackville
1111 Altamont Boulevard
Frackville, PA 17931-2699

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number

(570) 874-4516

Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Smart Communications/PADOC
SCI Frackville
Inmate Name, Inmate Number
PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733

How to Call an Inmate

Inmates at SCI Frackville can’t receive incoming phone calls, but they do have access to phones during certain hours. For complete details on how to call an inmate in Pennsylvania, please click here.

How to Send Money

The Department of Corrections (DOC) uses JPay to send money to inmates in all Pennsylvania correctional institutions. Family and friends must deposit money into an inmate's account through JPay, either online or through lobby kiosks at each individual state prison. 

Money Orders

A Deposit Slip MUST be filled out and submitted with EVERY money order. Slips are available at the money order section of the JPay website, visiting rooms, and the DOC's website.


DEPOSIT SLIP (pdf) (Spanish)

Money order deposit slips must have the following information CLEARLY TYPED in order for the funds to be posted to the inmate account: Handwritten forms are subject to delay.

• Correct inmate ID #
• Inmate name
• Sender’s name and address

DO NOT send money to any other individual, website, or Email account. Money orders are NOT accepted at any state correctional institutions.

For JPay information, call 800.574.5729
JPay Frequently Asked Questions Information Sheet (pdf)

Programs For Inmates

Academic and Vocational Education:

  • Academic Education through GED level to include the PLATO Computer Lab which is an interactive computer based learning system tailored to the individual needs of the learner.
  • Vocational Education:  Business Practices, Custodial Maintenance, Electricity/Electronics Systems Technician, OSHA Safety Certification and Barber Program
  • Apprenticeship Programs:  Automotive Mechanics, Electrician, Painter, Plumber, Baker, Cook and Machinist

Family/Relationship Self

  • Parenting
  • Reading to your Children

Sex Offenders

  • Sex Offender Moderate-High Intensity
  • Offender Low Intensity
  • Special Needs Sex Offender Booster Program


  • Pre-Vocational Skills Class
  • Back on Track Inside
  • Money Smart Program

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD)

  • Therapeutic Community
  • Parole Violator
  • Outpatient Therapy Group
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • AA/NA/SOS Support Meetings

Offense Related

  • Thinking for a Change
  • Act 143 Victim Awareness
  • Violence Prevention
  • Batterer’s Intervention

Mental Health Programs

  • MH Education
  • MH Management
  • MH Peer Support
  • MH Community Re-Entry Group
  • Dual Diagnosis Group
  • MH Support Group for Recent Psychiatric Commitment Returns

Correctional Industries:  

The Correctional Industries Regional Laundry began operation in July 2011 and services four state prisons and five Veterans Centers. The Laundry Operation picks up, sorts, washes, dries, folds, irons and returns laundry to its original destination. The laundry employs six staff and fifty inmates.

Community Work Program: 

  • Litter pick up on I81 and state route 61
  • Painted and cleaned for Pottsville Housing Authority
  • Cleaning and grass cutting at the Schuylkill County Fire Academy
  • Park clean up at several Municipalities

Pictures of SCI Frackville

Careers at SCI Frackville

If you are interested in a career with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, you can find out more information about available jobs at SCI Frackville by clicking here.