Gloria McDonald Women's Facility

The Gloria McDonald Women’s Facility (WOM) opened in December 2010 and houses awaiting trial offenders and three classification levels (minimum, medium and work release). The Gloria McDonald building is a converted and expanded hospital building and was initially constructed to be a male Reintegration Center. In early FY17, RIDOC moved all female offenders to the Gloria McDonald Building.

Female offenders used to be housed in two separate facilities; however, in late 2010 and 2011, the facilities housing these offenders were closed to the inmate population. The awaiting trial and medium security women were moved to the Gloria McDonald Building, while the minimum security and work-release offenders were housed in the Bernadette Building.

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Gloria McDonald Womens Facility

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Please call the facility directly for an updated visitation schedule.

Visits are a privilege, not a right and this privilege may be approved, denied, suspended or revoked by RIDOC administration. Any visitor who violates any state law, DOC policy, or facility-specific rule/procedure or poses a threat to a facility’s security may have his/her visiting privilege suspended or revoked.

Each facility warden determines the facility’s visiting schedule including the day and time for visits, the location and length of visits, the number of weekly visits per inmate and the number of visitors an inmate may have at any one visit. Each facility’s schedule is different.

Visiting Rules

  • Each visitor may bring up to ten ($10) dollars in change to use in the vending machines. It must be in a clear plastic bag.
  • You may keep personal belongings (coats, snow boots, etc.) in the lockers provided. You may take the locker key into the visiting room.
  • Nitroglycerin is the only life saving medication visitors will be approved to bring with them to a visiting session.
  • ALL visitors are required to pass through a metal detector before entering. Visitors may be asked to submit to a “pat down,” “hand frisk,” or hand-held metal detection wand search conducted by a correctional officer of the same sex. Visitors who fail to comply with a request to be searched may be denied a visit.
  • For more information about visiting an inmate at a Rhode Island Correctional Facility, click here.

ALL visitors must present proper photo identification to facility staff before being allowed to enter. Valid forms of identification are as follows:

  • valid driver’s license
  • military ID card
  • ID card issued by the Departments of Transportation, Elderly Affairs or the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Social Security cards and Welfare ID cards are NOT valid forms of identification. A birth certificate is valid identification ONLY for a minor.

Video Visitation

The Gloria McDonald Women's Facility offers video visitation through Securus Technologies. You must be on the inmate's approved visitors list. The rate is $5 for 20 minutes. For more information, click here. For schedule updates, visit the RIDOC Facebook Page

Dress Code

All visitors MUST wear undergarments. Any visitor who doesn't follow this dress code may be denied visits or entry to the facility. Visitors to any RIDOC facility are prohibited from wearing: 

  • See-through clothing
  • Low-cut and V-neck sweaters, blouses or shirts and tank, halter, or “tube” tops 
  • Skirts, dresses, shorts with slits that are two (2) inches or more above the knee 
  • Blouses or shirts too short to tuck in; blouses or shirts which expose the midriff 
  • Tight-fitting or athletic type clothing 
  • Spandex, stirrup, sweat, and/or “swish” pants 
  • Hats, headbands, and/or hooded clothing 
  • Clothes with holes, rips, tears (clothing must be completely intact) 
  • Clothing with the pockets torn out or torn to allow access beneath the garment 
  • Sleeveless garments 
  • “Farmer” jeans 
  • Camouflage garments
  • Khaki, beige, or any other clothing which could be mistaken for inmate clothing 
  • Military clothing (actual uniforms and look-alikes) 
  • Clothing which closely resembles uniforms (Correctional Officer, police, sheriff, marshal, etc.) 
  • Nursing uniforms (including “scrubs”) 
  • Jewelry (except wedding and/or engagement rings and medical alert jewelry) 
  • Underwire bras, metal buttons, buckles which cannot be removed and set off the metal detector 
  • Metal hair ornaments 
  • Flip-flops 

Physical Address

Gloria McDonald Women's Facility
20 Fleming Road
Cranston, RI 02920

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number

(401) 462-2366

Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Inmate Name/DOC Number
Gloria McDonald Women's Facility
P.O. Box 8312
Cranston, RI 02920

How to Call an Inmate

You can't call an inmate at Gloria McDonald Women's Facility, but they do have access to phones during certain hours. For complete details on how to call an inmate in Rhode Island, please click here.

How to Send Money

Family and friends can send money to a RIDOC inmate online, over the phone, through US mail, or at one of the convenient deposit kiosks.

  • Go to to make a deposit to an inmate’s account or download an Android or IOS app from your smart device.
  • Call toll free 866-345-1884 to speak to a representative 24/7. Bilingual representatives are available.
  • Go to a cash walk-in location. Visit to enroll and find a location near you. You can call 844-340-CASH(2274) for more information.
  • Utilize the Lobby Kiosk at the Travisono Intake Service Center.
  • Make a deposit in person at the Inmate Accounts Office, West Road (Bldg.#138), Cranston, RI between 9am and 11am or 1pm and 3pm.

You may send a check, bank draft, or money order to: 

RI Department of Corrections
Inmate Accounts Office
51 West Road, Bldg. 138
Cranston, RI 02920

Check /money order should be payable to RI Department of Corrections with inmate’s name and ID# on the memo line.

Programs For Inmates

Inmates at Gloria McDonald Women's Facility can take adult basic education classes, GED and college courses, and computer classes. Substance abuse treatment, domestic violence counseling, and counseling for women who are the victims of sexual violence abuse is also available.  

Additional programs offered include creative writing and creative arts workshops, parenting courses, and re-entry programming.

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Careers at Gloria McDonald Women's Facility

If you are interested in a career with the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, you can find out more information about available jobs at Gloria McDonald Women's Facility by clicking here.