Lieber Correctional Institution

Lieber Correctional Institution is a level 3, maximum-security facility for male inmates that is located in Ridgeville, South Carolina. This prison is operated by the South Carolina Department of Corrections and it houses the state's death row.

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Lieber Correctional Institution

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Please contact Lieber Correctional Institution to find out the current visiting days/hours.

SCDC Visitation Inquiry Line: 803-896-1838

Press 1 — for questions regarding the visitation application process.

Press 2 — for up-to-date information about prisons that presently have canceled visitation because of security concerns, including COVID-19.

Visiting Applications

The only way you can receive a "visiting privileges form" is from the inmate who wants you to visit. Inmates will send the forms to their prospective visitors. You must complete this form and forward it to Visitation through the Central Visitation Center for processing.  

Once the application has been properly completed, submitted, and approved, you'll be added to the inmate's visiting list. IT IS THE INMATE'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ADVISE HIS/HER VISITOR(S) OF THEIR APPROVAL.

Visiting Rules

All electronic devices – including activity fitness trackers and smart watches – are prohibited from being brought into SCDC institutions. All visitors age 18 and older are required to submit to a pat/frisk search in addition to the existing search procedures.

Physical Address

Lieber Correctional Institution
136 Wilborn Avenue
Ridgeville, SC 29472

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number

(843) 875-3332 or
(803) 896-3700

Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Inmate Name/DOC Number
Lieber Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 205
Ridgeville, SC 29472

Only letters and 10 photos per envelope are permitted. Do not send cash, stamps, any writing materials, anything to eat, drink, or smoke. You can send books, magazines, newspapers, but they must be paid for in advance and sent directly from the publisher or from a publication supplier (licensed bookstore).

SCDC sponsors four Inmate Package Programs yearly from Access Securepak. Family/friends can order various combinations for shipment to the inmate's institution. The packages contain a wide variety of snacks, candy, and seafood.

Visit to place your orders.


You can email your inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution. Visit to create an account. You will need a valid email address and a Visa or MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid debit card. Once you have created and activated your account, you will be able to purchase email credits (stamps) to send emails. 

Each message has a cost equivalent to $0.25, and there is an option to prepay for a reply from the inmate. All emails may be reviewed by SCDC staff.

How to Call an Inmate

You can't call an inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution, but they do have access to phones during certain hours. For complete details on how to call an inmate in South Carolina, please click here.

How to Send Money

There are several ways for you to send money to your inmate at Lieber Correctional Institution. The SCDC uses GTL for money services, and all deposits are made into your inmate's Cooper Trust Fund Account. This is how they purchase canteen, phone time, stamps, etc…There are five ways to add money to an inmate's Cooper Trust Fund account.


To send money online with a credit or debit card, click here. When creating your account, choose South Carolina Dept. of Corrections as the facility.

Mobile App

Download the mobile app and send money wherever you happen to be! You can download the free app for Android devices here and for iPhone and iPad here.


You can send money by phone using your credit or debit card. Call (888) 988-4768 and follow the prompts. For trust (canteen) deposits, the Site ID number is 121. To speak with a live agent 24/7, call customer service at (877) 650-4249.


Cash deposits to ConnectNetwork are now available at 26,000 retail locations nationwide including Walmart, ACE, Kmart, Kroger, and more. Find a location.

To use this walk-in retail – pay in cash option:

Step 1: Start online at or with our free ConnectNetwork mobile app.
Step 2: Set up the cash payment by selecting “Walk-In Retail (Pay in Cash).”
Step 3: Then, to complete your transaction, bring cash and the PaySlip to your local store.

Money Order

All money orders must be sent with a deposit slip to:

GTL Financial Services
10005 Technology Blvd West
Suite 130
Dallas TX 75220

Money orders sent directly to SCDC or an individual facility will be returned. All money orders must be made payable to GTL. The money order deposit slip is available here. (en Español)

Programs For Inmates

  • Education: Literacy and GED preparation.
  • Vocational Training: Carpentry.
  • Industries: Various recycling projects for a private sector company and a tire retreading operation for state government.
  • Health Care: Routine medical and dental care on site with 24-hour medical coverage. Licensed infirmary houses deaf and blind male inmates. Area Mental Health care.
  • Programs: Religious services, volunteer services, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, alcohol and drug education program, recovery group, Impact of Crime classes, and recreational services.
  • Community Services: Provides an Operation Behind Bars program for at risk youth and adults to tour the prison and hear inmates describe what led to their criminal behavior and life inside prison.
  • Services: Serves as one of the video conferencing sites for parole hearings in conjunction with the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services.

Funeral/Hospital Visit

Families may now request that a current inmate attend the viewing or funeral of a deceased relative or visit a sick relative in the hospital when the sick relative is near death. Inmates will ONLY be eligible to attend one service/visit – a hospital visit OR a viewing OR a funeral; interment not included. They may not make more than one visit. 

Listed below are the only family members whose imminent death, viewing, or funeral qualifies for an inmate transport request and their relationship must be verified by SCDC on the inmate’s visitation list or list of relatives on file: • The inmate’s parent or parent substitute identified on an inmate’s visitation list • The inmate’s child • The inmate’s brother or sister • The inmate’s wife or husband • The inmate’s grandparent • The inmate’s grandchild 

DO NOT CALL to request transport for an inmate until you have all of the information needed for SCDC to process the request. Once you have gathered the following information, please contact the institutional chaplain, Edward Moultrie,at 803-896-3739 to submit your request: 

• The inmate’s name and SCDC number, if you have it
• The name of the sick or deceased and that person’s relationship to the inmate
• The location and time of the hospital visit, viewing, or funeral
• Your name, phone number, and relationship to the inmate so that SCDC may contact you once the request is processed 

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Careers at Lieber Correctional Institution

If you are interested in a career with the South Carolina Department of Corrections, you can find out more information about available jobs at Lieber Correctional Institution by clicking here.