Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center

The Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center is a prison for male inmates that is located at the intersection of 14th and Vliet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This facility is operated by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. It opened in 1981 and can house approximately 60 adult male inmates.

The Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center is part of the Wisconsin Correctional Center System. This is an "institution" that consists of 14 adult, male correctional centers with a single warden.

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Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Visiting hours at Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center are assigned based on the first letter of the offender’s last name: 

                                                                             LAST NAME:
TUESDAY            6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.           A-K
THURSDAY         6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.           L-Z
SATURDAY         11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.         A-K
SUNDAY              11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.         L-Z
HOLIDAYS          11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.          A-K
                             1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.            L-Z 

No more than four adults and four children are allowed to visit an inmate at any time. No visits will be started within 30 minutes from the end of visiting hours.

General Visiting Rules

You must be on your inmate's approved visiting list.

All visitors must pass through the metal detector in order to enter the facility. Common items, such as overall snaps, belts, bobby pins, underwire bras or jewelry, can cause a problem in clearing the metal detector; please dress accordingly.

Visitors 16 years of age or older will be required to show identification upon arrival at the center. The identification form must have your photo on it. Individuals who cannot or will not properly identify themselves will be denied entry. 

Only the following forms of identification will be accepted and must be current/valid:  Department of Transportation issued driver’s license or photo identification card (any state)  County Welfare Department issued photo identification card (any county), Military Identification Card, or Passport.

Any person under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who is currently on the offender’s approved visiting list, unless the visitor is the spouse of the offender. All minors are required to have the written approval of their non-incarcerated parent or legal guardian in order to visit. 

It is a felony to bring any weapon, alcohol, any controlled substance or other contraband onto the grounds of the center. MSCC is a non-smoking facility; smoking materials may not be brought into the building.

Cell phones, pagers, electronic games, cameras, or recording devices are prohibited. Games, toys, reading materials, or other papers are also prohibited. 

Diaper bags are not permitted. A paper or plastic bag containing sufficient diapers, wipes, bottles needed to last through the visit is allowed. 

No money can be dropped off during a visit, including cash, personal checks, or money orders. 

No food or beverages are allowed to be brought into the center. No items are to be given to any inmate by a visitor, nor should a visitor accept any items from an inmate. 

Dress Code

The visiting area at MSCC is a family atmosphere, welcoming friends and family of all ages. Visitors must keep this in mind when selecting clothing to wear during visits. All visitors must wear shoes on their feet at all times. The following apparel is considered inappropriate and will result in the denial of visits: 

  • Transparent clothing 
  • Swimming suits.
  • Shorts which are shorter than fingertip length
  • Skirts or dresses shorter than fingertip length, plus three inches, or with revealing slits 
  • Strapless, “tube,” or halter style tops or dresses 
  • Exposed midriffs 
  • Low cut tops and dresses 
  • Spandex, Lycra or similar athletic pants, aerobic/exercise tights, or leotards 
  • Underwear worn on the outside 
  • Clothing with revealing holes or tears 
  • Clothing or accessories with obscene or profane writing, images, or pictures 
  • Gang or club-related clothing or insignia indicative of gang affiliation. This includes, but is not limited to, motorcycle jackets and footwear bearing club logos.

Physical Address

Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center
1318 North 14th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205-2596

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number

(414) 343-5000

Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center
Offender’s Name and DOC Number
1318 North 14th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205-2596

Inmate Packages & Property Mailing Address
Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center
Offender’s Name and DOC Number Housing Unit & Cell number
1318 North 14th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205-2596

The Wisconsin DOC has a Personal Care Package Program that allows you to purchase approved personal care items for your inmate at Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center. Orders can be placed online at

How to Call an Inmate

You can't call an inmate at Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center, but they do have access to phones. For complete details on how to call an inmate in Wisconsin, please click here.

How to Send Money

You can send money to your inmate at Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center through Access Corrections Secure Deposit and their affiliate walk-in provider CashPayToday.

Internet or Phone (service fees apply):

  • Visit or call (866) 345-1884 (bilingüe; agents available 24/7)
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted

US Postal Service (no service fees):

  • Print and complete a Wisconsin DOC Money Order/Check Deposit Slip (bilingüe). Forms are also available at the facilities.
  • The inmate's DOC number must be written on the check/money order and deposit slip.
  • All writing must be legible and in blue or black ink. 
  • Do not include any additional items such as photos or letters, as they will be discarded. 
  • Make cashier's checks, personal checks, and money orders payable to ACCESS SECURE DEPOSITS.
  • Mail to: Secure Deposits – Wisconsin DOC, P.O. Box 12486, St Louis, MO 63132.

Walk-in (service fees apply):

  • Visit or call (844) 340-2274 to enroll.
  • Walk-in sites accept cash only.
  • Visit CashPayToday to locate a Dollar General, Family Dollar, Speedway or other location near you that accepts walk-in payments, or view this list of WI locations.

Programs For Inmates

MSCC offers work release programs with local employers. Qualified inmates work in the community during their incarceration, and there is an emphasis on the inmates maintaining that employment after their release.

Money that the inmates earn can be used to pay fees, restitution, and other financial obligations. Work release and offsite opportunities are a privilege, not a right, and are provided at the discretion of the center superintendent and warden.  

This facility also offers vocational programs and driver's education classes.

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Careers at Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center

If you are interested in a career with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and would like more information about job openings at the Marshall E. Sherrer Correctional Center, click here.