Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center

The Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center is a prison for male inmates that is located three miles north of the village of Oneida in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. This facility is operated by the Wisconsin DOC and has the capacity to house 120 inmates. 

This prison is part of the Wisconsin Correctional Center System, an "institution" that consists of 14 adult, male correctional centers with a single warden. 

SPCC opened in 1982 to replace the aging bunkhouse that houses inmates who worked at Oneida Farm, which was operated at the time by Green Bay Correctional Institution. This facility was named after Sanger B. Powers Sr., a man responsible for many of the models used in Wisconsin correctional programs.

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Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center

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Visiting Hours and Rules

Visiting Hours at Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center are:

Saturday and Holidays:       9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Saturday and Holidays:       1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Sunday:                                  1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday:                           7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. 

Note: Visitors will not be admitted if they do not arrive 30 minutes prior to the end of visiting hours. Due to limited space, should the visiting room fill up, the first visit started will also be the first visit terminated.

General Visiting Rules

Visitors should not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to visiting hours. No loitering is permitted in the parking lot area. 

No one is allowed to remain on state property waiting for other persons who are visiting, including waiting in the parking lot or in vehicles, nor are any persons or animals permitted to be left unattended in vehicles. 

Vehicles must be secured (windows rolled up, doors locked). If your vehicle is found unsecured, your visit may be terminated. 

Handicap parking spaces are provided for visitors who have a physical disability. Vehicles using the handicap parking spaces must have license plates or state-approved display cards that authorize handicap parking. 

Verbal communication, waving, sounding of horns or blinking headlights to signal inmates is strictly prohibited. 

Visitors age 16 or older must provide photo identification. Only visitors on the approved visiting list will be permitted to visit. Visitors will not be permitted to stay in the lobby unless waiting to enter the institution. Anyone denied visitation must leave state property immediately, including parking lots; waiting in vehicles is not allowed.

Visitors will be denied entry to the visiting room if they are unable to successfully pass metal detection inspection after three attempts.

All items brought in are subject to inspection. Check with the facility regarding allowable medications. The list of allowed items is limited to the following:  

  • Coins and/or bills, not to exceed $20 for each visitor. 
  • Comb, pick or brush, limited to one for each visitor.  
  • Up to two baby blankets for each child.  
  • Up to four diapers for each child (diaper bags are not allowed).  
  • Up to two plastic baby bottles for each child.  
  • One hand-held baby seat for each child.  
  • Diaper wipes (must be kept in a clear plastic bag). 
  • One pacifier for each child.  
  • One coat and one pair of gloves for each visitor. 

The following items are not allowed the institution:  

  • Weapons  
  • Illegal drugs  
  • Alcohol  
  • Tobacco and related products  
  • Matches and lighters  
  • Cell phones, pagers, or other electronic equipment  
  • Pets or other animals, except for those required as service animals for persons with disabilities  
  • Purses  
  • Cameras/video recorders (An inmate photographer may be available if requested. There is a cost per photo, payable by the inmate)  
  • Food items (vending machines are available)  
  • Reading materials or other papers without prior approval  
  • Children's books, games, and toys (such items are provided in the children's play area of each institution)  
  • Strollers  

Diapers, individual wipes, plastic baby bottles, and toddler cups should be carried in a paper or plastic bag. 

Visitors may not bring in any items for an inmate without approval from a supervisor in advance of the visit. Packages, paperwork, and containers will not be allowed during visits without prior authorization from the Captain/Superintendent and, when authorized, will be inspected by security staff.

Dress Code

Visiting areas are designed to cultivate a family atmosphere for visitors of all ages. Visitors should dress and act accordingly. Footwear and acceptable attire must be worn at all times. The following apparel is considered inappropriate and will result in denial of visits. 

  • Watches 
  • Transparent/translucent clothing 
  • Shorts that are shorter than fingertip length with the visitor standing with proper posture, arms straight down, fingers extended 
  • Skirts and dresses shorter than fingertip length plus three inches with the visitor standing with proper posture, arms straight down, fingers extended 
  • Tops and dresses that are strapless, tube, or halter style 
  • Camisoles and tank tops are only permissible when worn under other attire 
  • Tops and dresses that expose the midriff (front and/or back) 
  • Spandex or Spandex-like and Lycra or Lycra-like clothing
  • Exposed undergarments
  • Clothing with revealing holes, tears, or slits 
  • Clothing or accessories with obscene or profane writing, images, or pictures 
  • Gang-related clothing, headwear, shoes, logos or insignias 

Outside Visiting

Outside visiting is held during the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, weather permitting, as determined by staff. Visitors must sit on the picnic benches provided in the outside visiting area.  

No personal property (including cellular phones, pagers, PDA’s, electronic devices or cameras) are allowed in the center except for baby supplies and a maximum of $20 in cash (for the vending machines).

Physical Address

Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center
N8375 County Line Road
Oneida, WI 54155-9300

Driving Directions:

General Phone Number

(920) 869-1095

Inmate Mailing Address(es)

Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center
Offender’s Name and DOC Number
N8375 County Line Road
Oneida, WI 54155-9300

Inmate Packages & Property Mailing Address:
Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center
Inmate Name and DOC Number Housing Unit & Cell number
N8375 County Line Road
Oneida, WI 54155-9300

The Wisconsin DOC has a Personal Care Package Program that allows you to purchase approved personal care items for your inmate at Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center. Orders can be placed online at

How to Call an Inmate

You can't call an inmate at Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center, but they do have access to phones. For complete details on how to call an inmate in Wisconsin, please click here.

How to Send Money

You can send money to your inmate at Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center through Access Corrections Secure Deposit and their affiliate walk-in provider CashPayToday.

Internet or Phone (service fees apply):

  • Visit or call (866) 345-1884 (bilingüe; agents available 24/7)
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted

US Postal Service (no service fees):

  • Print and complete a Wisconsin DOC Money Order/Check Deposit Slip (bilingüe). Forms are also available at the facilities.
  • The inmate's DOC number must be written on the check/money order and deposit slip.
  • All writing must be legible and in blue or black ink. 
  • Do not include any additional items such as photos or letters, as they will be discarded. 
  • Make cashier's checks, personal checks, and money orders payable to ACCESS SECURE DEPOSITS.
  • Mail to: Secure Deposits – Wisconsin DOC, P.O. Box 12486, St Louis, MO 63132.

Walk-in (service fees apply):

  • Visit or call (844) 340-2274 to enroll.
  • Walk-in sites accept cash only.
  • Visit CashPayToday to locate a Dollar General, Family Dollar, Speedway or other location near you that accepts walk-in payments, or view this list of WI locations.

Programs For Inmates

Many inmates at SPCC are eligible for work release, which allows them to work in jobs outside of the prison during the day.

The SPCC community service crew assists local government agencies and non-profit organizations on a variety of work projects.

REBOUND, the Fox Valley Humane Society Canine Development Program, is a community service initiative operated in conjunction with the Fox Valley Humane Society Association. SPCC inmates assist with socialization of the dogs before they are adopted.

SPCC has also partnered with the Northeast Wisconsin Leader Dogs Puppy Project, to raise and train puppies to serve as guide dogs for blind citizens. 

In cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources, inmates at SPCC raise pheasant chicks through adulthood. The pheasants are released to local communities to facilitate youth hunts and hunter education programs.

Pictures of Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center

Careers at Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center

If you are interested in a career with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and would like more information about job openings at the Sanger B. Powers Correctional Center, click here.