How to Call an Inmate in Alabama

Cellphones are not allowed in Alabama state prisons and inmates can’t receive inbound calls. The only an inmate can speak to you is when they make outbound calls during approved hours, and they must pay for those calls with the money that is on their personal account or they can call collect.

Approved hours are usually between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., but specific times vary by facility. Inmates are not allowed to make phone calls during count times and lockdowns.

All phone calls are limited to 30 minutes and will be monitored and recorded. Be careful using call waiting or three-way calling because it could result in the termination of the call.

Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) has contracted with CenturyLink to provide calling services, and anyone can open a CenturyLink account to prepay for inmate calls. You can either make payments directly to the inmate’s calling account, or opt for a Prepaid Collect calling plan.

The rate for both prepaid and debit calls is .21 per minute.

Available Services

  • Prepaid Collect

Provided through CenturyLink’s billing agent ICSolutions, Prepaid Collect allows you to receive inmate calls to your specific phone number. There are no monthly spending limits. Calls can be completed to cell phones, internet phone services, or other services which do not provide Traditional Collect billing. If you accept a call from an ADOC inmate and have not already established a Prepaid Collect Service, you will receive one complimentary 60-second call and then be given the opportunity to set up an account with a live customer service agent.

  • Debit (Inmate-Prepaid)

Provided through CenturyLink’s billing agent ICSolutions, debit enables you to directly fund a calling account for an inmate. Debit calling can be used by the inmate to call any number approved by their facility. Debit services can be purchased directly by the inmate using funds from his/her trust or commissary account. For more information on how to fund a trust account for an ADOC inmate, click here.

To manage or create your account, call 1-888-506-8407 or visit You can fund the account by phone with Visa, Mastercard, or Western Union.

You do not need to contact anyone prior to receiving a phone call from an ADOC inmate. Your inmate must first add your phone number to his or her Personal Allowed Number list, which is subject to approval from the Department. Once your number is approved, you may begin receiving phone calls using any of the payment methods described above.

You may accept calls on your cell phone by setting up prepaid account by calling 888-506-8407 or visiting Debit calling also allows calls to cell phones.

When you receive a call from ADOC inmates, you will be given the option to refuse that call. Additionally, you will be given the option to block all future calls from ADOC. If a called party inadvertently blocks their phone number in error, they should call Customer Service at 888-506-8407 to remove the block.

Rate tables and more detailed information about services available from CenturyLink is available by clicking here.

*All of this information comes directly from the Alabama Department of Corrections website and is current as of May 2019.