How to Call an Inmate in Arkansas

Inmates who are incarcerated in an Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) facility can’t receive incoming phone calls, but they do have access to phones during approved hours. Inmates in Arkansas can make calls to individuals on their approved phone list two different ways: by using the money from a prepaid phone account or by calling collect.

To be considered for approval on an inmate’s phone list, you must fill out a Visitation/Telephone Contact Request and Authorization Form. Forms must be obtained from the inmate.

Immediate family members with past felony convictions may not apply for approval to be on an inmate’s call list until 60 days after their release from confinement. If you are currently on probation/parole, your supervising officer must submit written approval directly to the unit. All applications must be approved by the Warden.

Once you are approved, the Unit Visitation Clerk will add your name and phone number to the inmate’s approved phone list. If your application is denied for telephone privileges, you can file an appeal by contacting the Director’s Office at 870-267-6200.

Telephone calls are limited to 30-minutes per call, and all calls are monitored and recorded. Three-way calling or call forwarding is not permitted and will be considered an abuse of telephone privileges and may result in loss of phone privileges.

**If you need to send an urgent message to a friend or loved one who is incarcerated at an Arkansas state facility, please call the facility’s chaplain or mental health office about the emergency, and they will deliver the message to the inmate.**

Depositing Money Into an Inmate’s Prepaid Phone Account

You can make a deposit into an inmate’s prepaid phone account by using the inmate deposit service on the ADC website or by snail mail with this form.

Inmate Deposit Service

If you choose to add money to an inmate’s prepaid phone account by using the inmate deposit service, you will need the inmate’s name and ADC number, plus a credit or debit card. They do not accept payroll cards, prepaid cards, or reloadable cards.

The minimum deposit is $25.00, and it will take approximately two business days for the funds to appear on the inmate’s account.

  • No more than two payments will be accepted per credit card per day
  • No more than $400 can be deposited from a single credit card per day
  • No more than four payments will be accepted per inmate per day
  • No more than $400 can be deposited to a single inmate per day

Postal Service

You can also mail in a money order via the US Postal Service to add money to an inmate’s prepaid phone account, but you must remember to always include a deposit slip.

Do not mail the money order directly to the inmate or the institution. Instead, you must fill out the deposit slip and mail it and the money order and deposit slip to:

Arkansas Department of Correction Trust Fund
Centralized Banking
P O Box 8908
Pine Bluff, AR 71611

Your money order should be made payable to the inmate, and you will also need to include their ADC number. Do not send cash, checks, or letters to the above address. If you send anything besides the money order and deposit slip, everything will be returned to sender, including the money order.

Creating An Account For Collect Calls

Instead of sending money to the inmate via their prepaid phone account, you can have the inmate call you collect by adding money to your own Advance Connect phone account with Securus Technologies. To open an account, visit their website or call 1-800-844-6591.

AdvanceConnect is your prepaid phone account that allows you to receive collect calls from inmates and have the charges deducted automatically from your prepaid account.This account offers you the following benefits:

  • The maximum funding amount is up to $50.00 per transaction.
  • You are able to receive inmate calls as long as funds are available in your account.
  • You can add multiple phone numbers to your account so your loved one can reach your home phone, work phone, cell phone, other relatives, neighbors, friends, etc.

The Securus SecureView Tablet Program

This low-cost monthly subscription service allows friends and family members the opportunity to lease a tablet device for their loved ones serving time in prison. The inmate can use the tablet to place phone calls, listen to music, read books, play games, and even search for a job.

Tablets are available for most inmates assigned to general population, as well as Safe Keeping (Death Row). The inmate must be Class I or II to be eligible to receive a tablet. To get a tablet for an inmate, visit the Securus SecureView website: