How to Call an Inmate in Florida

Florida prison inmates are not permitted to receive telephone calls, but they do have access to telephones and can make calls to up to ten approved numbers. Inmates in the Florida prison system have an inmate telephone account through Securus Technologies.

Inmates are authorized to initiate collect calls to personal landline numbers and personal cell phone numbers. Collect calls to businesses are prohibited. Before an inmate is permitted to place a collect call, she/he must submit the telephone number, name, and address for verification and activation prior to being added to the inmate’s approved call list.

Approved call lists can be changed every six months, or sooner under specific circumstances. If family and friends are unable to receive calls or have other questions regarding receiving calls from an inmate, they may contact their local phone provider or call 800-844-6591, Securus Correctional Billing Services, for assistance. They can also use the web at

Inmate phone calls are limited to 15 minutes, and they have access to phones usually between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm Eastern Standard Time.

If there is a family emergency, family members are urged to contact the institution’s chaplain. The chaplain will notify the inmate and he/she may be granted a special telephone call.


Direct Bill from Securus allows you to receive calls from inmates and have the call charges billed directly to you monthly. This account is best suited for attorneys, bail bondsmen, and friends & family of long-stay inmates. A credit check is required to qualify.

AdvanceConnect is a prepaid calling account that puts you in control, allowing you to manage how much you spend on inmate calling.

To sign up for a Securus direct bill or Advance Connect account, click here.

Rate periods are based upon the time of day a call is accepted. Please note that some facilities may have a connection charge per call, an initial rate for the first minute of call, and then a different rate for each minute after the first minute of a call. Rates are subject to change. To get a rate quote, click here.


The Florida prison system also uses JPAY, which is a service that allows you to send money to an inmate so they can pay for phone calls and send/receive emails and videograms.

You must first register with JPAY by selecting the institution where your inmate is housed and entering their inmate ID number. Then, you set up an account so you can access JPAY services.

You can help an offender make phone calls to you or anyone on their call list with JPAY. The Friend and Family AdvanceConnect (Prepaid Phone Time) account allows the offender to call you. The Phone Time account allows the offender to call anyone on their approved caller list.

  • Friends and Family AdvanceConnect

When you fund the offender’s AdvanceConnect account, you are allowing them to call you and only you. You must be on their approved caller list. Click here to learn about funding the AdvanceConnect account.

To send funds to their AdvanceConnect account you need to register your phone number. Once you register your phone number, you will receive a pass code you will need to use to send funds to their AdvanceConnect account. Click here to learn about registering your phone number.

  • Phone Account

When you add funds to the offender’s general phone account, you allow them to make calls to anyone on their approved caller list. Click here to learn about funding the general phone account.