How to Call an Inmate in Maryland

You can’t call an inmate who is housed in a Maryland Department of Corrections facility. However, the inmates are allowed to make outgoing collect calls and prepaid calls during certain daytime hours.

The Maryland Department of Corrections uses Global Tel Link (GTL) as a third-party provider of phone service. You can set up an AdvancePay account or a PIN Debit Prepaid account with GTL’s ConnectNetwork by calling 1-800-483-8314 or by visiting their website.

  • AdvancePay

When you create an AdvancePay account, you’re creating a prepaid collect calling service that allows your inmate to call your phone number using the funds you deposited. This service allows you to set up multiple AdvancePay accounts if you have inmates in separate facilities and wish to have calls directed to different phone numbers.

After you set up an AdvancePay account, you can start adding money and receiving phone calls. As long as you have a balance for at least a one-minute call in your account, you can receive a call at any time.

To make sure you don’t miss any calls, you have the option of signing up to be notified via text messages when your balance is low, or sign up for AutoReload to automatically replenish your account.

An AdvancePay account allows only your phone number to be called with the funds in your account, so you can control expenses and call acceptance. You can make a deposit via phone, online, or with the new ConnectNetwork mobile app.

Once you establish an account, which becomes active as soon as you fund it, you can receive calls from an inmate. You always have the option to accept or reject a call and the value of each completed call is immediately deducted from your account.

Refunds are available if the inmate who calls you is released, or you no longer need an AdvancePay account.

  • PIN debit prepaid phone account

GTL also offers the option of a PIN debit prepaid phone account, which allows your inmate to pay for their own phone calls to you and other phone numbers the facility approves of. This option offers the ability for inmates to reach their friends or family members who can’t pay for calls through an AdvanceConnect account.

The PIN debit prepaid phone account option allows your inmate to use the funds you deposit for any phone number, but the money must only be used for phone calls and can’t be transferred to general commissary accounts.

Unused funds in a PIN Debit account are refunded upon an inmate’s release.

To fund an inmate’s PIN Debit account, you’ll first need to create a ConnectNetwork account. During that process, you’ll be asked to select a facility and add an inmate for whom you wish to make a deposit. Once you have set this up, you’ll be able to begin making deposits. Please remember that money deposited becomes the inmate’s property.

If you choose to make a PIN Debit deposit via GTL’s automated phone system, you may need to provide the facility’s “Site ID” (located on each facility page), if necessary.

Deposit fees and amounts vary by correctional facility and can be found within your ConnectNetwork account. PIN Debit call prices vary by correctional facility, but are generally less expensive than other types of inmate calls.

Using this GTL website is the easiest and fastest way to make a PIN Debit deposit, but there are several different payment options available.