How to Call an Inmate in New Hampshire

Telephone calls are a privilege extended to inmates in the New Hampshire Department of Corrections to help them stay in touch with their friends and families. Inmates can make either prepaid or collect calls. 

Inmates are not able to receive incoming calls. Calls must be party to party, as no 3-way calling or other alternative calling methods are allowed. The phone/tablet provider at the New Hampshire Department of Corrections is Global Tel Link. You can set up an account by visiting their website.

The New Hampshire DOC (Site ID 222) along with Global Tel Link provide a variety of services. In addition to phone calls, you can also use your account for things like inmate messaging and tablet purchases.

AdvancePay Phone

AdvancePay is ConnectNetwork’s fastest and most convenient phone service that connects friends and family members to inmates. When you create an AdvancePay account, you’re creating a prepaid collect calling service that allows an inmate to call your phone number using deposited funds.

Once you set up an AdvancePay account, you can start adding money and receiving phone calls. As long as you have a balance for at least a one-minute call in your account, you can receive a call at any time.

With AdvancePay, only your number can be called with the money in your account and you control expenses and call acceptance.

Once your account is set up, you can add money by making a deposit online or over the phone at (800) 483-831. There are several different payment options available for AdvancePay.

Pin Debit

Inmates with PIN Debit prepaid phone accounts can pay for their own phone calls, and call any phone numbers allowed by their facility. You can either make deposits directly into the inmate’s PIN Debit account or the inmate can fund this phone account from their commissary/trust account.

A Pin Debit account gives an inmate the ability to reach friends and family members who can’t afford to pay for calls.

When you make a PIN Debit deposit via GTL’s automated phone system, you must reference the Site ID 222.

Trust Fund

The Trust Fund service at Global Tel Link allows you to deposit money directly into an inmate’s commissary account. The inmate can then use those funds like cash to purchase items at their prison’s commissary.

Deposit options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone and anywhere you have Internet access.

When you make a Trust Fund deposit via GTL’s automated phone system, be sure to reference the Site ID 222.


ConnectNetwork offers tablets to inmates who are incarcerated in the New Hampshire Department of Corrections. These devices are similar to common handheld tablets, but are made exclusively by GTL with specialized content and services for inmates to use during their incarceration.

The tablets allow your loved ones access to a suite of education and entertainment content, plus the ability to place phone calls, send messages, and get general on-site support.

Some tablet content and services are free, such as select reading material, utilities (dictionary, calendar, calculator, etc.), and quick links to common facility tools. Other subscription services are available at an additional cost.

Subscription services that require funding include:

Streaming Music

12 million+ different music tracks in various music categories.


Over 70,000+ titles are offered in many different literary genres.

Game Center

Puzzles or action, sports, and brain-challenging games.


Access to breaking news and hot topics from the most popular news sites.

FM Radio

Access to radio channels from local FM stations..

TV Audio

Real-time audio from broadcasted television.

Free services are already available for use on the device. Subscription services are funded separately by family and friends with deposits made into an inmate’s Debit Link account. 


ConnectNetwork’s Messaging service lets you send emails to inmates with just a few simple steps. You can send the messages from your computer or mobile device to inmates who own a GTL Tablet, and they will be able to respond. With this service, you have the option of attaching a photo and/or video to your message.

Debit Link

A Debit Link account is an inmate account that allows them to buy a variety of GTL tablet-related services such as streaming music, games, and eBooks that are available at their facilities.

Instead of using dollars and cents, the Debit Link account uses a form of currency called link units to enable inmates to pay for these services. Link units cost a penny: $1 buys 100 link units.

Debit Link is not a commissary/Trust account and may not be used to purchase commissary items available at the facility.