How to Call an Inmate in Rhode Island

Inmates in the Rhode Island Department of Corrections are not allowed to receive phone calls. However, they do have access to phones during specific hours every week. Inmates can make collect or prepaid calls. Pre-paid calls can be made using an ADVANCE PAY prepaid account or using money placed in the telephone debit account.

All telephone calls except those between an inmate and his/her attorney are restricted to twenty (20) minutes. Inmates are allowed to have up to ten (10) social and five (5) attorney numbers on their telephone list. 

Inmates may also call the RIDOC Special Investigations Unit (SIU) (401) 462-2282, the RIDOC Inspector’s Office (401) 462-2551, the on-grounds RI State Police (401) 462-2650 and licensed bail bondsmen.

All telephone calls, except those between inmates and attorneys or law enforcement agencies, are recorded.

Report any problems to GTL technical support at 1-877-856-3184 or 1-866-345-6088. You can also email technical support at [email protected]. Billing and prepaid issues should be directed to 1-877-650-4249. Questions about the automated pre-paid service should be directed to 1-800-483-8314.

If you should receive an unwanted call from an inmate, do not accept the collect call, or hang up if it is not a collect call. If the calls continue, contact the facility warden. 

Create a Securus Phone Account By Clicking Here

Advance Connect

Connect with your loved ones with an AdvanceConnect account. This friend and family-owned prepaid calling account fits your needs by allowing you to receive collect calls from an incarcerated individual and have the charges deducted automatically from your prepaid account. This prepaid account puts you in control of spending and ensures you can receive calls from correctional facilities.

Direct Bill

A Direct Bill account allows you to receive collect calls from inmates and have the charges billed directly to you each month from Securus Correctional Billing Services (SCBS). This account is a good option if the inmate is incarcerated for longer than two years or if you are an attorney, bail bondsmen, consulate, social worker or other small business or government agency. With verification or approved credit, you can receive an itemized monthly bill statement from SCBS for your calls. 

Inmate Debit

Inmate Debit is an incarcerated individual-owned prepaid calling account used by incarcerated individuals to pay for their own telephone calls. If allowed by the facility, an incarcerated individual may transfer funds from their facility trust/commissary account into an Inmate Debit account via making a request through their commissary. Correctional facilities also have the option to allow friends & family members to deposit funds directly into an Inmate Debit account. 

Video Connect

Looking for a great way for your family and friends to keep an incarcerated loved one connected? Share interesting and important aspects of your lives in real time by using remote video. Going digital and having remote access – via an iPhone or Android app – gives you freedom to share from anywhere. Create a Securus Online account now and add video to your account.

Funding Options

You can fund your Securus phone account online or by phone with a credit or debit card. If you would like to use cash, please visit a Western Union location. Payments can easily be made using Western Union Quick Collect.

Instructions on Using Quick Collect

  • The Receiver of the Quick Collect payment can be found under Select Other Billers and should be Securus.
  • Please follow the online prompts to complete the payment.
  • If you are not a registered user at Western Union® you will be asked to register.

Instructions on Using Western Union Payment Form

In the Payment Information section you will be asked for Pay To, Code City and State:

  • Pay To: Securus
  • Code City: Securus
  • State: Texas

Please include your 6 or 7 digit Account number. If you are unsure of your Account number, please sign in or call 1-800-844-6591. To find a Western Union Agent location near you click here.

If your payment is completed at a Western Union retail location, it may take 5 to 8 business hours to process.