How to Call an Inmate in Utah

This page provides information on how to receive calls from inmates at the Utah Department of Corrections (UDC). CenturyLink (now known as ICS Corrections Inc.) is the Inmate Telephone System provider for the Utah Department of Corrections. You must establish a prepaid account that allows an inmate to call you. Call 888-506-8407 or visit the CenturyLink website to set up an account.

ICS Corrections, Inc. provides secure, customized communications services to correctional facilities throughout the United States, connecting inmates with friends, family, clergy, legal advocates, and other members of their support community. These services include secure telephone calls, voice messaging, e-messaging, video visitation, and more.

In order to receive calls from an inmate, the Utah Department of Corrections requires that your telephone number be registered and approved. The first step is to have the inmate submit an Inmate Telephone Request form to have your phone number added to their Personal Approved Number (PAN) list. Once submitted, proof of ownership must be established before the request will be approved. There are a couple of different ways to prove ownership:

Your name and telephone number must match in the public telephone directory. This is the first step in the approval process and does not require any action by you. If the public telephone directory information does not match or is unavailable, you must send a copy of your telephone bill to the inmate, so they can attach it to the Inmate Telephone Request form. The bill must contain both your name and telephone number and not be handwritten. Once approved, your telephone number will be added to the inmate’s PAN list and you will be eligible to receive calls using any of the payment methods described below.

Warning: The new CenturyLink Inmate Telephone Service IS NOT associated with a company called “IC Solutions” (Inmate Call Solutions). That company has a name that is nearly identical to that of the company CenturyLink uses to set up prepaid accounts — ICSolutions. Please be sure you are accessing the correct company at the website above when you set up your account. 

For questions about the Inmate Telephone System, please contact 801-576-7684 (Utah State Prison) or 435-528-6000 (Central Utah Correctional Facility).

Called parties can make payments directly to an inmate’s calling account, or take advantage of a Prepaid Collect calling plan to accommodate calls to cell phones or accounts with credit issues. 

The following restrictions may also be applied by the UDC to inmate calling:

  • Limits on length of calls or calling availability hours
  • Limits on number of inmate calls or total monthly call minutes based on inmate classification
  • Call monitoring, recording, and inmates’ use of a PIN (in order to place calls)
  • Blocks on types of phone numbers (such as 800 numbers) or selected phone numbers
  • Temporary or permanent denial of phone usage rights for such reasons as disciplinary problems or requests by a called party

Prepaid Services

Provided through ICS Corrections’ billing agent ICSolutions, Prepaid Services allows you to receive inmate calls to your specific phone number. No monthly spending limits. Calls can be completed to cell phones, internet phone services, or other services which do not provide Traditional Collect billing.


Or Call 888-506-8407

Payments accepted

Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks also accepted by mail

Note: If you accept a call from an UDC inmate and have not already established a Prepaid Services Service, you will receive one complimentary 60-second call and then be given the opportunity to set up an account with a live customer service agent.

Once you are on a UDC inmate’s PAN list, a Prepaid Services account is easily set up when you receive the first call from that inmate. During the first call, you will receive 60 seconds of complimentary talk time and then be given the opportunity to set up an account with a customer service representative. 

  • Note that taxes are separate from the Prepaid Services balance.
  • Purchases are posted on the same day.

Debit (Inmate-Prepaid)

Provided through ICS Corrections’ billing agent ICSolutions, Debit enables you to directly fund a calling account for an inmate. Debit calling can be used by the inmate to call any number approved by their facility.


Or Call 888-506-8407

Payments accepted

Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks also accepted by mail

Note: Debit services can be purchased directly by the inmate using funds from his/her trust or commissary account. For more information on how to fund a trust account for an UDC inmate, click here

A Debit (Inmate-Paid) account is a convenient alternative for friends and family to deposit funds directly into inmates’ calling accounts. Debit phone time can also be purchased directly by inmates using funds from their inmate banking/trust account. Click here to visit the UDC inmate account web page.

  • Once payment is received, the funds belong to the inmate
  • Debit is also more flexible than Prepaid Services. Inmates may call any telephone number approved by their facility (not just the number associated with a Prepaid Services account) including international numbers.

Rates for Utah Department of Corrections


Payment Type                                   Call Type                    Per Minute

Prepaid Collect                                      Local                            $.10

                                                                 IntraLATA                   $.19

                                                                 InterLATA                   $.19

                                                                 Interstate                     $.19


Debit (Inmate-Prepaid)                     Local                            $.10

                                                               IntraLATA                  $.19

                                                               InterLATA                  $.19

                                                               Interstate                   $.19

                                                               Mexico                       $.85

                                                              All other countries   $.95