How to Call an Inmate in Wisconsin

Inmates in the custody of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections may only place outgoing calls; incoming calls are not allowed. ICSolutions is the inmate telephone service provider at the Wisconsin facility where your friend or family member resides. They offer you the option to set up one of two account types that enable you to fund (prepay for) calls placed to you by an inmate. All inmates are also able to establish and fund their own calling accounts. 

Family or friends who only want to accept calls will need to set up a prepaid account at​ or by calling IC Solutions at (888) 506-8407. 

ICSolutions has two funding options available: a PrePaid Account and a Debit Phone Account.

When you fund a Prepaid Account, that money belongs to you. You control whether the inmate uses the money by either accepting or rejecting each call placed to you by the inmate.

When you put money in a Debit Telephone account, the funds belong to the inmate. He/she can call any phone number that is not restricted.

As the name implies, “prepaid” calling services are purchased in advance, so they are not subject to the collect-calling restrictions. Even if you have a cell phone, VOIP phone, business phone, or a high balance on your phone bill, you will still be able to receive phone calls from inmates as long as there are sufficient funds available in the account.

You may purchase prepaid services for a Prepaid Account or a Debit Telephone Account by using any of the following payment options:

  • Visa and MasterCard credit cards
  • Debit card
  • Western Union (for Prepaid Accounts only; cannot be used to make payment toward an Debit Telephone Account)
  • Money order or cashier’s check

Both in-state and out-of-state calls are charged at a flat rate of $.06 plus applicable fees and taxes.  International call rates will vary depending on the country called. International calls are debit only.

After you purchase phone services for a Prepaid Account or Debit Telephone Account using a debit card or credit card, calls can be accepted immediately. If paying with a money order or a cashier’s check, calls can be accepted only after ICSolutions has received the payment by mail, and has posted the payment to the funded account.

After prepaid phone services are purchased for a Prepaid Account using Western Union, calls can be accepted only after standard processing of the payment.

IC Solutions can be contacted with questions at (877) 870-3259.  

All calls are subject to monitoring and recording. Exceptions are made in the case of confidential calls, such as those between an attorney and their client. 

Several things can cause a failure to connect a call, or disconnection of a call in progress. To prevent this, please remember the following guidelines:

  • Do not attempt a three-way call.
  • Do not use call forwarding or call waiting on your phone.
  • After your call is connected to an inmate, do not press any numbers on your keypad.
  • Avoid long periods of silence during conversations.
  • Do not connect a “tele-zapper” device to your phone.