How to Call an Inmate in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Corrections recognizes that frequent and meaningful communications between inmates and family members is important to successful social reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals. The Department operates a telephone system for inmates as one of the modes by which they may maintain contact with family and friends at home. 

You can’t call an inmate incarcerated in Wyoming, but it is the policy of the Wyoming Department of Corrections to allow inmates to make telephone calls to pre-approved individuals and ensure that offenders have access to reasonably priced telephone services.
During intake and processing, or as soon thereafter as possible, each inmate will be given the opportunity to request approval of up to twenty (20) telephone numbers to be entered into the automated telephone system as his/her approved calling list. 

Inmates are allowed no more than one hundred twenty (120) minutes of phone use in any 24-hour period. In addition, no individual call may exceed thirty (30) minutes in length. Except for emergency access, inmates are not allowed to use the telephones after normally scheduled dayroom hours or between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

The system should allow for both local and long distance calls. Telephone calls may be monitored as determined by the Security Manager and in coordination with the Warden.

Prepaid Collect Calling Option

At the time a collect call is attempted by an inmate, the called party will be given the option of contacting the provider in order to establish a prepaid calling account so they can accept future collect calls from that inmate.

Inmate Calling Solutions (ICS)  is the service provider for Wyoming Department Of Corrections. To establish a prepaid collect account or for information about this option, visit the PrePaid Collect web site at or contact the Toll Free PrePaid Collect service center 24 hours a day at 888-506-8407.

Debit Program

The costs of individual calls can be reduced by participating in the debit program, which is a paperless prepayment program, activated through an individualized access code or other personal identifier.

The debit program is made available through the inmate canteen system in institutions with a compatible telephone system. To participate in the debit program, the inmate must prepay for access to the inmate telephone system through the inmate canteen system. Completed calls are debited against the remaining prepaid balance at a rate that is lower than collect calls.

You can deposit money into an inmate’s debit telephone account and they can use these funds to call any telephone number on their approved list. Once the deposit is made, the funds belong to the inmate.

Visit the web site at to add money to an inmate’s debit telephone account or contact Toll Free PrePaid Collect service center 24 hours a day at 888-888-8413.