Why Did FPSRussia go to Prison?

By Prison Insight Staff

Updated: April 1, 2021

Whenever a celebrity gets caught up in the criminal justice system, it always seems to garner a lot of attention. When they end up going to prison, their case becomes even more intriguing. It can also be an opportunity to shine a light on how America’s never ending amount of laws can so easily put people in prison. Even when it’s a non-violent offense with no victim. This seems to be the case with FPSRussia.

Back in 2019, YouTuber FPSRussia – aka Kyle Lamar Myers – was sentenced to two months in prison. He was also ordered to pay a fine and placed on probation. Myers was known for his channel that featured firearms and explosives. Fans also loved his character Dmitri, a heavily accented “professional Russian” from Moscow.

But all of that is over now, and Myers ended up behind bars. The question is: why did FPSRussia go to prison?

In today’s blog post I will cover the following topics:

  • Who is FPSRussia?
  • Why did FPSRussia stop making videos?
  • What was FPSRussia’s criminal case about?
  • How did the story end?

Who is FPSRussia?

FPSRussia is a YouTube star who is actually an American man from Franklin County, Georgia, named Kyle Myers. As of March 2021, his extremely popular FPSRussia channel has nearly seven million subscribers and almost one billion views. The channel launched in 2010, but hasn’t been active since 2016. 

In the comedy videos, Kyle played a fictional character known as Dimitri Potapoff. With his thick Russian accent, Dimitri would show off guns and other weapons and compare them to weapons you would find in video games and movies.

In each video, Dimitri explained the characteristics of the weapons he was about to use. Sometimes he would tell stories, and other times he would explain the weapon’s purpose. Then, he would demonstrate how to use the weapon on random targets like mannequins, fruits, and bottles.

Some of the weapons he featured included a golden AK-47, a .50 BMG rifle, and a Bofors 40 mm automatic anti-aircraft cannon.

Why did FPSRussia stop making videos?

FPSRussia took a hiatus in 2013 when a Kentucky man named Keith Ratliff – co-owner of FPS Industries (a custom firearms fabrication and testing company) and a member of FPSRussia’s production team – was found shot dead in his Georgia home. 

Ratliff was a Federal Firearms License holder, and he was in charge of obtaining the firearms that FPSRussia used in his videos. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) investigated the case, but it has never been solved. The case has since become the subject of numerous conspiracy theories.

Myers has also been the target of two ATF raids, which spokesperson Richard Coes said was justified because Myers “was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube.” In between the raids, Myers stopped posting videos on the FPSRussia channel.

When the ATF raided Myers’ home in August 2017, it was because he had allegedly received 25 grams of butane hash oil in the mail. Myers was prosecuted on the grounds that he was in possession of an illegal drug while owning a firearm. This is a federal offense. 

What was FPSRussia’s criminal case about?

Even though Myers was known for using firearms on his YouTube channel, Myers was arrested for felony possession of a restricted substance. As a result, 50 of his weapons he used in his YouTube videos were confiscated.

Myers fought his charges for two years in a long and complex legal battle, but in the end, he pled guilty to Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana and Butane Honey Oil. He was sentenced to two months in prison. He also received two years of probation and was ordered to pay a $7,500 fine.

How did the story end?

Myers served his two-month sentence and has since opened up about his experience in prison.

He told the PKA podcast on the YouTube channel WoodysGamertag that he quickly made friends in prison. He also explained that he had to keep his distance from friendly guards because other inmates started to suspect he was a snitch.

Myers says that he offered his radio to one inmate in order to gain his trust. He also had a workout partner with the nickname “Snow” who was a member of a Mexican crime family.

The FPSRussia channel is still live on YouTube, so you can still watch all of his videos. However, it is no longer the powerhouse it used to be. Myers is still around and does occasionally pop up on a podcast. But since he’s stopped making videos – and because he did a couple of months in prison for hash oil – he’s been laying low.

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