Can you marry in prison

Can You Marry In Prison?

If you think relationships are tough in the free world, you don’t want to know what it’s like when you are in prison. Incarceration takes a huge toll on your relationships – not just those with spouses, girlfriends, and boyfriends, but also with family and friends. Your life is essentially on pause when you are […]

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Can you sleep in prison

Can You Sleep In Prison?

As a former inmate, I often get questions about the sleeping situation in prison. The common belief seems to be that prisoners sleep their time away, and get out of bed just to eat and go to the bathroom. The images most people seem to have in their mind are of prisoners locked inside a […]

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Can you appeal a prison sentence 3

Can You Appeal A Prison Sentence?

I can’t put into words what it feels like to hear a judge sentence you to time in prison. For me, it was an out of body experience, like I was watching a scene from a movie. It doesn’t feel real. I can’t think of anything worse than having your freedom taken away. To know […]

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Can you vote in prison

Can You Vote In Prison?

Before I was sentenced to 30 years in prison for marijuana possession and cultivation, I was incredibly active in politics. I was so involved in the political process that I was elected as a state delegate during the 2012 Presidential election. This was after my arrest, but before my conviction, so I still had the […]

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Can you knit in prison

Can You Knit In Prison?

When you are living life behind bars, one of the biggest challenges is finding different ways to spend your time in order for the days to go by a little bit quicker. I was lucky enough to have money to buy a television, so I was able to burn a lot of hours by watching […]

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Can you work in prison

Can You Work In Prison?

For some reason, society seems to have this general belief that people who are in prison are lazy and don’t want to work. Maybe this myth is perpetuated by movies and TV shows, but I honestly have no idea where this idea comes from. Some people think that those who commit a crime or have […]

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Can you shave in prison

Can You Shave In Prison?

Shaving. It’s one of those things that you have to do, and for many people it’s a rite of passage. There is an entire industry that makes millions from selling shaving creams, gels, and fancy razors. Hair removal is big business – from electric razors to waxing – people love to spend money to make […]

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can you read in prison

Can You Read In Prison?

When I served time in prison, I was lucky enough to have the money to buy a television from the prison store, which is commonly called the commissary or canteen. In addition to spending time at my job or at the rec yard, I could pass the time by turning on my favorite show, catching […]

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Can you draw in prison

Can You Draw In Prison?

When you are locked up, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out ways to pass the time. While many inmates park themselves in front of a television (screens can be in the day room, the indoor rec area, or you can buy your own small TV for your bunk) or spend time at the […]

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Can you smoke in prison

Can You Smoke In A Prison?

Let’s be honest, being a smoker in this day and age isn’t going to win you any popularity contests. But, in my prison experience, just about everyone was a smoker, including myself.  When I was incarcerated, I was “lucky” enough to be incarcerated in a prison that allowed smoking, and you could buy tobacco products […]

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