How to write an inmate a letter

How to Write an Inmate a Letter

In previous blog posts, I have mentioned just how important it is for an inmate to receive letters from friends and family. For a prison inmate, communication with the outside world is extremely limited. If they don’t have access to a TV or radio, the only way an inmate comes in contact with the outside […]

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Can pets visit you in prison

Can Pets Visit You in Prison?

In previous blog posts, I have written about how much I love my pets. My cat Dale and my dog Titus are my fur babies, and they are an important part of my family. Dale is three years old and Titus is four, so they didn’t become part of my life until after I left […]

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Can You Have Pets in Prison

Can You Have Pets in Prison?

I’ll be honest, my pets are my children. My sweet little Shih Tzu Titus is 4-years-old and a champion snuggler. My cat Dale is 3-years-old, and he rules the house. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my pets and always joke that they are my emotional support animals. The truth is that […]

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Can You Wear Jordan’s in Prison

Can You Wear Jordan’s in Prison?

When you are sentenced to time in prison and placed into custody, the process of stripping away your personal identity immediately begins. Officers take away your clothes and all personal belongings and give you a jail uniform to wear while you wait for your transfer to prison. In prison life, conformity is key. Prison officials […]

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What can you put in prison letters

What Can You Put in Prison Letters?

When I was in prison, one of the best moments of the day was mail call. Every weeknight, an officer would come onto the wing and hand out inmate mail.  Sometimes, I would get letters or emails from home. Other times, I would receive letters from people I had never met, but who had read […]

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Can you wear jeans in prison

Can You Wear Jeans in Prison?

When people ask me about my prison experience, one of the most common questions I get is about clothing. People are always interested in what inmates are allowed to wear.  When we see prison inmates on TV and in movies, we usually see them in an orange jumpsuit or a khaki two-piece. This is actually […]

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How Can You Earn Money in Prison

How Can You Earn Money in Prison?

Earning money is just as important for an inmate in prison as it is for someone in the free world. In addition to “three hots and a cot,” the state provides an inmate with an absolute minimum number of supplies – a few items of clothing, a sheet and towel, and hygiene items. Other than […]

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Can you keep to yourself in prison

Can You Keep to Yourself in Prison?

One of the most glaring differences about living your life in prison compared to the free world is that you have almost no control over who you spend your time with. When an inmate arrives for processing into a prison, they are assigned a cell and a bunk. Inmates have no influence on where they […]

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Can You Swear in Prison Letters

Can You Swear in Prison Letters?

For most prison inmates, regular communication with friends and family in the free world is essential to surviving their segregation from society. Thanks to modern technology, inmates no longer have to rely on handwritten letters and phone calls to communicate with their loved ones. These days, friends and family can communicate with their incarcerated loved […]

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Protective Custody in Prison

Protective Custody in Prison

Did you know there is prison inside of a prison? You may have heard it called “the hole” or “the SHU” or “solitary confinement.” But all of those names are referring to one place inside of prison walls – administrative segregation (AdSeg).  The specific name depends on the facility, but administrative segregation is always a […]

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