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Can you have piercings in prison

Can You Have Piercings In Prison?

I’ve always preferred piercings over tattoos when it comes to body art because they aren’t permanent. It’s easy to remove a nose or belly button piercing that you impulsively had done during an alcohol-filled spring break. But, good luck getting rid of that tramp stamp! I’ve made it clear in previous blog posts that your world […]

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How can a prisoner change their cellmate

How Can a Prisoner Change Their Cellmate?

Deciding who you live withㄧwhether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, or roommateㄧis one of those things in life that is essential to your happiness. If you live with someone you don’t like or get along with, it can cause an infinite amount of problems. But, what do you do when you have no say in […]

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how are things snuck into prisons

How Are Things Snuck Into Prisons?

Drugs is just one of the many things being snuck into prisons each and every day. Everytime I get into a discussion with someone about the drug war, I always try to explain how impossible it is to keep drugs off the streets. It is the number one item that continues to creep into my […]

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can you have glasses in prison

Can You Have Glasses In Prison?

If you wear glasses, you know how expensive it can be to get an eye exam and a prescription. Finding the right frames at a reasonable price can be quite the task. Don’t get me started on the eyewear industry in this country! So, if wearing glasses has its own set of challenges in the […]

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can you wear makeup in prsion

Can You Wear Makeup In Prison?

Before I went to prison, I never left my house without makeup. As an adult, American woman, putting on makeup was just part of my daily routine, like taking a shower and getting dressed. The thought of going somewhere without makeup never entered my mind. I don’t need to explain how important makeup is to […]

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how do you email an inmate

How do You Email an Inmate?

It’s no secret that we live in a world dominated by electronic communication. From texts to emails to social media apps, constant communication via our phones, computers, and tablets is how many of us live our lives these days. But, when you are in prison, you have no internet access, and until recently, electronic devices […]

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Can you get haircuts in prison

Can You Get Haircuts In Prison?

I love to get my hair done. There’s just something about going to the salon and dropping $200 to get a cut and color, plus some kind of product that I absolutely need so I can duplicate the look at home. But all of that changed when I got to prison. Well, my love of […]

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what happens if you get cancer in prison

What Happens If You Get Cancer In Prison?

You never want to hear the word “cancer” when you are talking to a doctor, and you really don’t want to hear the word when you are talking to a doctor as a prison inmate. It’s bad enough to face the disease when you are a free person who can access good hospitals, doctors, and […]

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can you get in life prison for weed

Can You Get Life In Prison for Weed?

The cannabis laws in the United States have gone through some major changes in the last two decades. Depending on what state you live in, you can either grow and use cannabis both recreationally and medically without consequenceㅡas long as you follow the state guidelinesㅡor, you can find yourself behind bars for possession of a […]

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can you go to prison if you are under 18

Can You go to Prison if You Are Under 18?

There are a lot of things you can’t do in the United States if you are under 18. You can’t legally buy or consume tobacco or alcohol, you can’t enter into a legal contract, and you can’t vote, just to name a few. When you are a minor, the rules just aren’t the same for […]

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