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Can you visit Newgate Prison

Can You Visit Newgate Prison?

The oldest prisons and jails in the United States were built approximately two hundred years ago. The oldest,New Jersey State Prison, dates back to 1798, but that’s nothing compared to the origins of some prisons around the world. If you’re a prison history buff, you may have heard of the infamous Newgate Prison. Located in […]

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can you stay in your prison cell

Can You Stay in Your Prison Cell?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what being in prison is like. As with most things in life, you can’t really know or understand it unless you experience yourself. Thankfully, most of us have to rely on TV and movies to get a glimpse of prison life, but Hollywood rarely gets it right.  While […]

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Can You Visit Mountjoy Prison

Can You Visit Mountjoy Prison?

There are thousands of prisons and jails in the United States, and each one of them is different. From their security level to design to inmate management system, every detention facility looks unique and does things their own way. When you venture outside of the United States, things are even more different in the world […]

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How Are Cells Assigned in Prison?

Something that many of us take for granted in the free world is the ability to choose our housing. In America, we can live where we want, and we can rent or buy a house or an apartment.  When you are convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison, the luxury of choosing your housing […]

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How does an inmate file taxes

How Does an Inmate File Taxes?

It’s tax time once again, and no one is exempt–not even prison inmates. With the United States having the highest incarceration rate in the world, nearly one percent of residents age 18 or older are currently behind bars.  According to the Prison Policy Initiative, that adds up to approximately 2.3 million people confined to prisons […]

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Why Do Inmates Especially Hate Child Sex Offenders

Why Do Inmates Especially Hate Child Sex Offenders?

I’ve talked before on this blog about the communities that are behind prison walls. Inmates at every facility have their own social hierarchies and create their own economy. Without inmate workers, the place couldn’t function. Everyone in the general population works full-time or goes to school. Then in the evenings, people will hang out at […]

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Can You Visit Kerobokan Prison

Can You Visit Kerobokan Prison?

I recently ventured outside of the United States prison system for the very first time in this blog to talk about visiting Dartmoor Prison in the UK. That facility dated back to the early 19th century, and its history included an American connection. That centuries-old prison actually housed American prisoners of war from the War […]

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Can you die in prison

Can You Die in Prison?

When someone is sentenced to life in prison, that often means a sentence of about 25 to 30  years. Many violent crimes result in a life sentence without the possibility of parole, or someone is sentenced to multiple life sentences running concurrently. Both of those scenarios means that the inmate will die in prison. You […]

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can you visit dartmoor prison

Can You Visit Dartmoor Prison?

When I talk about prisons and the criminal justice system on this blog, I’m almost always referring to American facilities and cases, but today, I’m going to change things up a bit and talk about Dartmoor Prison in the United Kingdom (UK). Officially known as HM Prison Dartmoor, this facility—known for its high granite walls—is […]

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can you be a prison officer with tattoos

Can You be a Prison Officer With Tattoos?

I’ve talked a lot in my blog posts about the life of inmates behind bars, but I rarely write about prison workers–the officers, administrators, and volunteers who supervise the facility and enforce the rules.  I don’t have any experience working in a prison as a non-inmate, but I did watch these people very closely for […]

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